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24 June 2019
In our recent "What's New for WinForms" webinar, we received a large number of questions. We were unable to answer some of these questions during the live Q&A. I answer these questions here as promised.


Q: How can I change "And" to "Or" filtering across two columns? 
A: In the Filter Panel, click the Edit Filter button to invoke the Filter Editor. In the Filter Editor, modify logical operators as your needs dictate.

Q: Is v19.1 Per-Monitor DPI-Aware?  

A: Our components support only System–DPI awareness. Review the High DPI Support help article to learn how to enable DPI-awareness for our controls. We are now researching possible ways to support Per-Monitor DPI-awareness in our controls and will do our best to support Per-Monitor mode in the future.

Q: The shown 'SearchBar' in the RibbonDemo to find commands... is this only available for Ribbons?  
A: Yes, it is available in the RibbonControl only.

Q: Is there a way to do rounded corners easily? I know we can do it in skin editor but it is not easy and fast for all controls
A: Our components don’t support round corners. Would you please describe your scenario in greater detail? Please, provide images that demonstrate the expected result.  This will help us understand where this feature can be used. 

Q: On the grid animation, what datasoure is supported?
A: The animation doesn’t depend on a data source. GridView performs animation when a cell value changes. You can use any supported source including Server Mode. Review Traditional Data Binding Methods and Large Data Sources: Server and Instant Feedback Modes for the complete list. 

Q: Can we convert normal Layout to Table Layout?
A: We don’t provide a tool that converts a regular layout to the table layout. You can convert the regular layout to a Layout Control in your project as described in Converting a Regular Layout of Controls to an XtraLayoutControl. Then invoke the Convert to Table Layout command as shown in the Table Layout documentation.

Q: Any benchmarking available on DirectX rendering performance?
A: There are no benchmarks available. However, you can see that DirectX already gives you noticeable performance improvements. We will continue working in this direction.

Q: Are you going to add an Office 2019 Black theme. I'm using the Office 2019 Colorful theme in my app but want to offer users a black theme. If I use the Office 2016 Black theme, it uses the older style ribbon with the visible tabs.
A: Yes, we have plans to introduce new Office 2019 skins in v19.2.

Q: Where can I see a list of the other demo's

A: All our demos are available in "Demo Center 19.1". You can launch it from Windows Start Menu. See this topic to learn more about demo applications.

Q: Any project templates for Microsoft teams in future? 
A: Currently our components don’t provide such templates. We found this idea interesting and will consider adding such templates in the future.

Q: Can we use these controls in C++ managed code? or these are valid only for C# and VB?  
A: Yes, you can. Our components should work flawlessly in this environment, though the application development process may differ.

Q: Besides Google, that other services I can connect to XtraScheduler
A: Along with Google Calendars, our SchedulerControl also supports Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and iCalendar. Please refer to the Import and Export article for more information.

Q: Layout control, if I want to move my content in the center of the form, how to do it ? 
A: You can use the new Table Panel for this purpose.

Q: Will the Image Edit control support the WEBP file format?
A: While we don't have immediate plans to support this format. You can convert a WEBP image to a regular image (for instance, to JPEG) using a third-party library and then display this image in the PictureEdit control. 

Q: Is there any news on a scheduler annual view?
A: We will consider implementing this view in the future versions of our components.

Q: This function is only for the Control "Excel Style Filtering" ? its possible to use in ChartControl or GridControl? 
A: Excel-style filter menus are part of our data-aware controls (GridControl, TreeList, etc). To use custom functions in your application, register them using the CriteriaOperator.RegisterCustomFunction method. Review Custom Function-Based Filters for more information.

To add a custom function to the GridControl’s filter menu, enable the GridView.OptionsFilter.ShowCustomFunctions property and handle the GridView.QueryCustomFunctions event.

As for the ChartControl, once the custom functions are registered, you can use them for filtering. For instance, you can build the required filter criterion and assign it to the SeriesBase.FilterCriteria property. Alternatively, you can attach the FilterControl to the ChartControl. Then, enable the FilterControl.ShowCustomFunctions option and handle the FilterControl.QueryCustomFunctions event.

Q: Will Borders and Shading API in RichEditControl be supported?
A: This is something we may look at in the future.

Q: When will you add a true PDF editor?
A: Our last survey for desktop platforms showed that this suggestion is not very popular. We have a non-visual PDF document API library that allows you to modify PDF documents.

Q: what about spell checker? for example: can I install it for Georgian language?
A: Customer can use any dictionaries for spell checking. See this article for more information.

Q: I thinks its a good idea the conditional formats in excel viewer in devexpress.
A: Our Spreadsheet control supports conditional formatting.

Q: It's possible to use functions in XtraSpreadSheet? but all functions like excel? for example, search, indirect, sum, and others?
A: Yes, it possible. See this article for more information. In version 19.1, we supported the following functions: CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, IFS, SWITCH, MAXIFS, and MINIFS. Most of Excel functions are currently supported.

Q: Spreadsheet: Is there a automatic internal Zoom-Object now included?
A: If you are referring to the zoom control in the status bar, it is not a part of the Spreadsheet control. However, we demonstrate how to implement this control in our ‘First Look’ demo (first demo for the Spreadsheet Control).

Diagram Control

Q: Good Job, but the Editor SVG Icon is not funcionally that all for custom Shapes in DiagramControl that planing best the editor in some version for support this funcionallity?
A: If you mean SVG Icon Builder, we don't have plans to extend it to a fully-functional SVG editor or incorporate it into DiagramControl. You can use an arbitrary SVG editor and import an SVG image to DiagramControl as described in the SVG Shapes article. Note that certain limitations should be considered when you import SVG images to DiagramControl.


Q: In WinForms - does Chart Control have new updates?

A: Yes, ChartControl has a set of new features.  They were also covered in the Analytics webinar (5/16).

Q: Looking forward to more speed improvements in map rendering of tiles and vector layers with large map items.

A: According to our tests, MapControl renders tiles and vector items at an appropriate speed in the most common scenarios. If rendering performance is too slow in your scenario, please submit a ticket in Support Center and describe your use case in greater detail. We will check if it can be improved.

Q: Hello, I would like to know if in this version you can already assign the colors to the graphics in the dashboard in runtime execution
A: The Dashboard Suite allows you to customize chart colors using the Coloring feature. If you need to customize default colors in the dashboard palette at runtime, handle the CustomPalette event.

Q: I think is a good idea use this skin in Graphis with chart control
A: While the ChartControl appearance depends on the current application theme, ChartControl also uses a set of its own appearance schemas.

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