CodeRush Blogging: So Much to Say, Not Enough Time to Say it

When it comes to blogging, nothing lights the proverbial fire under our DevExpress fans quite like CodeRush. And often there is so much good stuff to say about it, that there just isn’t time enough to say it all before the next online wave hits, and more great resources are washed ashore for the global tech community to collect their treasures from.

It is times like these when I wish I could stick a cork in the World Wide Web and have it stop showering me with content for a while until I can catch up. And so I have … well, in actual fact I’ve just turned off my broadband internet connection, shut down Outlook and left just one page of IE open while I write this post.

This week I have noticed that CodeRush has really gotten under the skin of one of the DX Squad – Rory Becker. Not only is he part of your one-stop shop for CodeRush knowledge on Twitter, he is also flooding the DevExpress Facebook page with great content on his favourite IDE plugin. Nice work Rory!

Along with the DevExpress blogs, Rory’s Ramblings is a great resource for CodeRush users and enthusiasts. I wanted to stop a while and highlight them for anyone else who got washed away with the tide of blog content. A couple of Rory’s most recent CodeRush-related posts include:

CodeRush Templates – What makes them different?
How to: Bind a key in CodeRush

But the pièce de résistance has to be this absolute corker:

New CodeRush Plugin: CR_MethodPreview

Overhearing some of our other DevExpress users discussing a plugin they’d like to see, Rory decided to step in and get down and dirty with some code to see what he could do to help. The outcome, according to happy user Joe Hendricks, was “an AWESOME plugin”.

We want to provide a platform for others to promote ideas, tips, tricks and anything else that sparks your enthusiasm.

Don’t hide your lights under bushells guys, get blogging! These posts are a fantastic reference resource for other users, and I am sure that there are many more out there who are just as passionate as Rory.

When you’ve got a stonking post, make sure to share it on the DevExpress Facebook page and let others bask in the rays of your technical genius. You don’t have to be head and shoulders above Mark Miller to make someone’s day with your ideas.

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