XAF: Community Bloggers Supporting Their Own

Here at DevExpress we happen to think XAF is a pretty great framework for creating Winform and Webform applications. You may consider us a little biased, but you only have to look at XAF’s loyal band of enthusiastic followers to see that it isn’t just Gary Short who loves to blog about his favourite development framework.

Whether it’s Apostolis Bekiaris with his great series of XAF tips, or Alex Hoffman with his look at what his favourite framework is bringing to the party in its latest version, these enthusiastic users do us a great service by helping our new users get up the learning curve with XAF.

Of course it doesn’t stop there, and nor would you expect it too, because just as XAF delivers more than you would expect from a framework, so too do its users. Not only do they write blog posts highlighting certain aspects of XAF but some, like Gary Cox, take it further. Gary has written custom rule for XAF validation that will let you conditionally require a property and he gives the source away on his blog.

We are always grateful to users such as these who give us and the community help of this sort, and in turn we are happy to give them a loud hailer to spread their work out even further.

Please remember to drop us a line and tell us about your blogs and posts, as we’ll be only too happy to publicise your work. If you’re feeling the love for social media sites, you can also publish your own work on our DevExpress FaceBook page.

In the meantime, keep having fun with the best development framework there is!

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