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Gary Busy on the BASTA BoothXAF, CodeRush and German Sausages

Evangelist’s Log. Star date: twenty-three zero nine. .NET architecture and application lifecycle management, Visual Studio, database solutions, web application development … BASTA has it all. With a formidable line-up of speakers and a seemingly endless supply of beer and German sausages (bratwurst, frankfurter and wiener have been identified so far) the attendees at this Autumn’s BASTA event are really spoilt for choice.

The Conference

We’ve reached the half way point here this week and it has been a great event to have experienced, although I must admit, my German skills have certainly been noted as somewhat lacking by the locals! The conference is being held in the Rheingoldhalle (Rheingold Hall) in Mainz. It is a beautiful setting, with the Rheine right outside the door of the conference. The morning drive has been fantastic for the past few days with the sun shimmering on the water as we drive along the banks of the river towards our day’s work. What better way to set yourself up for a day.Big Crowds Watching CodeRush

What Have We Been Up To?

Gary and I have been discussing products, questions and future plans with our customers and introducing new folk to the DevExpress way of life. Much to our surprise, the runaway success of our time at BASTA so far has been XAF. Gary has been in his element talking enterprise-level design concepts, department scale projects and what the product team has in store for XAF during 2010. We were also thrilled to hear that one customer had saved his organisation 10,000 Euro by choosing the XtraPivotGrid for their implementation over an alternative POC offering. Astounding!

Oliver has presented on various topics including The Future of C#, Immutable Data and Functional Programming, and the attendees have been showing their enthusiasm for CodeRush and Refactor! Pro as always, with demos (in German!) gathering the crowds.

We’re off to get back to the matter in hand now … are there any more sausages to be had?

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Great Rachel.

Can you post what Gary talk about....: and what the product team has in store for XAF during 2010.

Best regards

24 September 2009
daniel weisel
daniel weisel

Glad to hear that it's going great in Germany!

I would like to ask about XAF: it's mentioned that Gary was talking about feature plans about XAF (mainly the 2010 year). Can you please tell us also what's in store for XAF during 2010? I always liked to hear the comming-attractions part.  :-)


24 September 2009

hm, so random strangers at this conference get more roadmap information than paying customers .. great.

24 September 2009
Joe Hendricks

So glad it is going well - and yes, XAF ROX!!

24 September 2009
Gary Short (DevExpress)
Gary Short (DevExpress)

Hi guys. Well, as the evangelist responsible for the product, it's great to see such enthusiasm for XAF!

Nick, there is no such thing as a random stranger in the XAF community, just those who know how cool it is and those who have yet to learn. :-) This particular guy fell into the former category; he was an existing customer with very specific questions regarding features and when they were slated for development. I'm happy to share that information with you now, but these are things which I have spoken about before so you may already be aware of them.

Firstly, he wanted to know when there woud be N-Tier support for XPO and I told him this is slated for 2010. Next, he wanted to know when we would ship support for WPF and Silverlight platforms - again I told him this is slated for 2010.

With regard to a more general roadmap for 2010, we will be having our annual company meeting late this year or early next year. Thereafter, we will be publishing a full roadmap for all of our products including XAF and XPO. In the meantime, if you have specific questions please feel free to ask me either by email, forum or twitter.



28 September 2009

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