Winners of the DX Press “Complete the Tweet” Contest

You may remember that 2 weeks ago we launched the first “Complete the Tweet” contest as part of the DevExpress newsletter, DX Press.

As Dancing With the Stars hosts Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris would say (or Bruce Forsythe and Tess Daly if you are a Strictly Come Dancing viewer like me)  “The votes have been counted and verified…and we can now reveal the results”.

Our DX Squad have deliberated over the entries that were received, and have chosen to award the following tweets with iTunes vouchers:

trophy gold @aussiealf - XPO is my fav app cause I can pretend to be a RDMS Guru and state I support 16 databases in my app, best of all finished by lunch
@brendankowitz – Refactor Pro! is my favourite DX product because it allows even 1-fingered typists to refactor code
@centrasoft - All of DevExpress products are my favorite because they make me look like a genius when in fact I'm just redonkulous!
@TravisCherry - ASPxGridView is my favourite DX product because it allows you to sort, group, re-order columns, and display a plethora of data!
@kiwipiet - CodeRush is my favourite DX product because now I look like I know what I'm doing. ;)
@dhwebb - XPO is my favorite DX product because it taught me that getting a project finished is what makes clients happy, not super sweet SPs.
@GingaNinjaFu - XtraPivotGrid is my favourite DX product because it makes people think I made Excel
@j3rm - XPO is my favorite DX product because I can forget all the boring SQL Stuff that took me a Microsoft Certification to remember.
@surveyrunners - XAF is my fav #devexpress prod: like hiring a guru to handle both UI and database, letting me concentrate on customer benefits

Although there was no overall winner, I wanted to highlight the post that came out with the most votes from our DX Squad, not just because it was one of my favourites, but because behind all of your favourite DevExpress products there has to be a great support network, and this post sums it up just about perfectly:

@mudnug - I love DX Support. It's such great service that I don't care where they are located or whether they spell favorite the same way I do

Thanks to everyone that entered our contest. It’s always enlightening to see which products really float our customers’ boats. Keep your eyes on DX Press, the DevExpress newsletter, for our next contest.

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