Getting Into the Groove: Microsoft TechEd Europe 2009

We might not have Mark Miller and John Lennon rocking out with us in Berlin for TechEd Europe 2009, but we do have your favourite Framework Duo and a whole heap of swag! The event is drawing ever closer, and with only 3 weeks to go I wanted to tell you a little bit about what the “Terrible Two-some” and I will be up to during our week in Germany’s capital city.

The Berlin Wall

TechEd Europe is going to be pretty exciting for a couple of great reasons this year. Firstly, it’s the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall so the city is going to be positively hopping. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Microsoft have some sort of evening entertainment in place that will allow us all to get involved with the festivities. I might not have a very good story about where I was when I found out that the wall had fallen (I was watching it on the TV with my dad after getting home from school … I seem to remember asking him to switch the channel so that I could watch Danger Mouse because the news was “boring”), but I’ll have a great story to tell about where I was when people were celebrating its 20th anniversary.

All the Fun of the Fair on the DevExpress Boothimage

Secondly, we will have a boatload of swag to give away on the DevExpress booth as always. Keep your eyes peeled for details of our in-booth contests, that’s right, I said contests. All I will say for now is make sure you bring every DevExpress t-shirt you own. Be they vintage or current you will need them, so make space in your luggage. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Introducing a DevExpress TechEd Speaker

Lastly, but by no means least, our very own Gary Short has been selected to speak. Gary will be presenting on the Architecture track on technical debt. Look out for his session titled “Credit Crunch Code: Time to Pay Back the Technical Debt”. He’ll be covering what it is, how to spot it, how to quantify it and how to try to avoid it. This is Gary’s first time speaking at TechEd, and though we’d like for him to be asked to return again next year TechEd is supposed to be a chance for you to get answers to questions that you have. So with that in mind, consider this your open invitation to heckle ask Gary as many questions as you like. 

Our flights are booked and we’re ready to get going. Will we see you there?

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