The Name Game: WPF naming contest results

Holy cow! WPF control names really get you guys going!

A massive 147 comments were added to the contest announcement post, which as far as I can make out is some kind of DevExpress commenting record! Thank you so much for all of your suggestions. There were some really great ideas, and some particularly funny names that I would have loved to have used.

color_wheel_pencilsWe picked out a top 6 from the entries submitted and the winning suggestion is … drum roll please …

Aaron Young with the name ThemeWheel

Congratulations! You win a a copy of CodeRush with Refactor! Pro, a DevExpress goodie bag with a t-shirt, hat, 4GB USB pen drive and an iTunes voucher. And of course not to forget, you also get the fame and glory of your suggestion being associated with a DevExpress control. 

On the third day of DevExpress Christmas, Julian's world was rocked by a new report designer in XtraReports Linton also agreed with the ThemeWheel suggestion, but as that comment came in a few posts later than Aaron’s we had to take the first occurrence. However, we’ll send out a goodie bag to Linton with a t-shirt and hat as a thanks to recognise your contribution.     

I also wanted to pick out some of my favourite entries. Themeweaver was certainly one of them, but unfortunately someone else thought that too and has already used it. The following entries will get a DevExpress goodie bag for their great efforts:

  • Brad James “TheWheelDeal”
  • Chris Merritt “SkinnyDip”
  • Jason Helman “DyeHard”
  • Nate Laff “DXWpfPimpatron”

Keep your eyes on the blogs for new of the v2009.3 release when the DXThemeWheel for WPF will make its debut in the DXperience control suite.

Thanks again for all the suggestions.

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