No gambling with our customers’ future: The DevExpress Company Summit

It’s day one of the annual DevExpress Company Summit here in Las Vegas, NV. I’m locked in a room at the MGM Grand Hotel with 30 men watching them fight for your features and functionality in 2010.

Casino dice imageOur customers know the Company Summit as the beginning of our internal process to take on board the feedback that you’ve been giving us in 2009, and use it to develop a plan for what you as our customers can expect from us in the upcoming year.

This year is no exception to the rule. Managers, lead developers and technical evangelists are pulling together to decide on what DevExpress customers can expect from us in 2010.

As you may have seen in Julian’s recent post on XAF, we have a number of big topics to discuss to make our commitment to you clear, and contrary to the Vegas connection, we don’t want you to feel like you’re taking a gamble with your DevExpress purchases.

Far from it!

Once our week of deliberation is over we will deliver a comprehensive roadmap to you for you to check out.

To get you excited about the prospect of 12 months of innovation and exciting new releases, we are running contests via Twitter and Facebook throughout this week.

Keep your eyes on our Twitter and Facebook feeds for details of our first contest … coming up soon. 

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Karl Rostock_2

Hi Rachel,

As you already know im not backwards and coming forwards i say it how it is.

On the face of it devexpress have an awesome suite of controls for various platforms allot of time, expertise and technology has gone into those but.....

and this is speaking from experience, my subscription is up in February and to date, i have only managed to produce 1 web application that actually works as you want it to. This is not due to my inability to code, this is down to bugs that crippled me time after time and by june this year just gone i had to stop using the winform conrols.

On 2 occasions i had to completely scrap the projects i was working on because the designer bugs where destroying my projects (review my support tickets for more info), another project this weekend which is due tmmorow morning decided it was going to remove 3 docking panels fromt the designer, which ive been told cant be reproduced and inevitably cant be fixed!

So talking about the roadmap of 2010 i would say listen to your customers fix what is broken and try to understand our frustration when we pay good money for things we cant use because they dont work, we get ourselfs into a vicious cycle of "got to update, got to update, got to update" because the bugs that are actually bugs are quite serious and stop projects in there tracks.

The other part to this aswell is, although most of the tech support are very helpfull and generally the answers and help is complete, but i pitty those who get the new devx tech support employee some of the answers ive had in the last 3 weeks have driven me to the breaking point, that coupled with all the bugs does not make for good marketting or customer experience.

So in short i managed to create 1 web application for a charity that i didnt charge for, but the components cost me hundreds of dollars....Does'nt seem fare does it... i would of rather of just given the charity the money.

Kind regards


8 December, 2009
Chris Shouts

Not a fan of the Facebook / Twitter based contests. Would be much better if the contests were hosted on the DevExpress site. I do like contests though!

8 December, 2009
Thomas Grusche

I hope WPF TreeView (with multiple columns) will be a feature for 2010 :)

9 December, 2009
Julian Bucknall (DevExpress)

Karl: Rachel asked me to jump in here and offer my comments.

Whereas I fully appreciate the difficulties you have experienced in using our ASP.NET controls, I would also like to point out that many customers are actively creating successful ASP.NET applications with our controls.

And I'm sorry, but I firmly reject your intimation that we don't listen to our customers. If you have a complaint about how you are being treated by anyone at DevExpress, you can send an email to me (, to the management -- which includes me as well (, to Max, the head of the support team (

By the way, we are definitely discussing any perceived issues with all our products here at the Summit as part of our overall planning for 2010 and later.

Cheers, Julian

9 December, 2009
Claus Bogner

@Karl: That's a bit thick!

Yes, there are sometimes bugs in DX's controls. And yes, this is sometimes frustrating, especially if you're trying to isolate the problem which can sometimes take a lot of time if it's not a basic problem. But I'm quite sure DevExpress do their best to fix them ASAP. Additionally, they always provide you with a public fix if you need it. On the other hand, waiting 2 or 3 days for a fix can sometimes be a very long time if you're customers can't use their application. That's why I recently upgraded to DXperience Enterprise with source code so that I can fix bugs myself if it is a matter of urgency. Additionally, this gives me the flexibility to implement some features I'd like to have.

To me, the controls save me lots of time, and since using DX's controls I can't imagine working with the standard .NET controls anymore.

Of course you'll have to invest some time understand the basic concepts of the controls and how to use them, but then you're able to build awesome applications with less code.

I'm successfully building ASP.NET applications by using DX controls, otherwise I wouldn't have extended my subscription :)


9 December, 2009
Mehul Harry (DevExpress)

Hi Karl,

I took a look at your issues and I see that you have a lot of feedback. So first, thank you for the feedback, we appreciate it.

Now, I'm very curious about your ASP.NET experience with our tools. I'd like to discuss it further with you and see how we could improve your experience and/or our tools. Please email me at mharry at DevExpress.


9 December, 2009
Karl Rostock_2

Hi guys & Rachel,

Perhaps i was a little eager to express myself and should of took more time in checking my post as it is in the public domain and miss-apprehension is common place, just to quickly refine my comments, The bugs although very annoying where not show stoppers persay that particular incident was more about that amount of time spent on the project fighting with the designer bugs, the real problems i had/have are with the Win Form controls in the Viusal Designer, the most recent being the Panels vanishing.

Kind regards


9 December, 2009

Earlier this week I told you to keep an eye out for out for DevExpress Company Summit Contest. It’s here

9 December, 2009
Rachel Hawley (DevExpress)

Hi Karl,

Please don't worry. We do appreciate your feedback, as Mehul said. I noticed that this conversation had been taken offline so we thank you for getting in touch and letting us know about the problems you've been having.

As Julian said, the whole point of the Company Summit is to make sure that messages and feedback that our evangelists and customer-facing teams are gathering is being reported back to our R&D team to make things better for you as our customer.

Thanks so much for bringing your issues to our attention. We do appreciate it :)

Best wishes,


10 December, 2009
Karl Rostock_2

Thanks Rachel

Merry Christmas ;-)


11 December, 2009
Rachel Hawley (DevExpress)

@ Karl - To you too :)

14 December, 2009
Paul Bielawski

I thought I would throw my 2 cents in. The support system for devexpress, although slow in my opinion from a response point of view is not not bad. Although there knowledge may be a bit lacking. I raised an issue about custom coloring a pie graphs inidividual slice's color and was told this was not possible, and yet after some hacking and coding, was able to color an individual slice, leads me to believe that maybe a bit more training of the support may be needed.

17 December, 2009

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