Codemash: An Interview with the Organizers

imageNext week Gary and I embark on a perilous and snow storm ridden journey to London Heathrow … and then onto Michigan! We’re coming over the Atlantic to attend the developer event, CodeMash, in Sandusky, OH, as well as hopefully (weather permitting on both sides of the Atlantic!) taking the opportunity to meet up with some DevExpress customers and attend a few local user group sessions on the way.

For those of you that have attended CodeMash in the past, you’ll be no stranger to the sell out event, held at an indoor waterpark, with an impressive list of community speakers. For those of your that have never been, get an idea of what Jim Holmes and Jason Follas have built into an incredible developer event over the past years  and mark your schedules with a plan to get involved in 2011.

The interview is only about 20 minutes. Just click the play button on the mini-audio player here:

You can also download the mp3 file to your iPod, Zune, or any other mp3 player by heading here: CodeMash_Organisers_Interview.mp3

Will we see you there?

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