Jesse Liberty: The Silverlight Geek UK and Ireland Tour

Microsoft Silverlight (TM) Logo With assistance from Microsoft UK, Microsoft Ireland, Microsoft US and Microsoft User Group Services, the UK and Irish developer community are very excited to have Silverlight guru, Jesse Liberty, visiting our shores.

Jesse is the self-confessed Silverlight Geek and Community Program Manager for Microsoft US. He’s committed, like no other, to enhancing developers’ experiences with Silverlight, and with over two decades of experience, he has got a lot to share. 

Jesse’s visit will coincide with Microsoft TechDays UK, which is being held in London from Monday April 12th through to Friday April 16th and will cover topics including UI design, Windows Phone development and of course Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight. Jesse will be holding court on both the Monday and Tuesday. If you haven’t already registered for you free place at the event, head over now and grab one of the few remaining places.

Being one of the sometime volunteers for Cambridge NxtGenUG, held at the resplendent Microsoft Research building in Cambridge UK, I am very excited to say that we’ll be hosting Jesse on Wednesday April 14th for a session that will include open source application development, TDD, MEF and RIA Services … we are going to be busy!

Jesse has blogged about his visit to the UK and Ireland, and the details of all of the groups that he will be visiting can be found on his blog. Suffice to say, if you live near any of the following cities I can’t recommend strongly enough that you register for a place at one of these groups to see Jesse speak:

This really is a great opportunity for all Silverlight enthusiasts, novice or obsessive. Find your nearest group and for goodness sake register to attend one of Jesse’s sessions. Maybe I’ll see you in Cambridge!

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Guy Smith-Ferrier

And he's also doing Dublin and Belfast too!

23 February, 2010
Peter Thorpe

Sounds good will have to register. Now windows phone is confirmed to run Silverlight 3 I have suddenly got a lot more interested in updating my skills from winforms and ASP.NET.

We may actually be able to easily create one app to rule them all :-).

And resolution independent.

24 February, 2010
uberVU - social comments

This post was mentioned on Twitter by RachelHawley: W00T! @JesseLiberty is coming to the UK: Register for one his venues now #techdays #nxtgenug #awesomeness

24 February, 2010
Chris Walsh [DX-Squad]


Its actually running Silverlight 4 mobile... The mobile doesn't have printing support and some other desktop features.  It will also not run in browser.

25 February, 2010
Peter Thorpe

@Chris I had only seen references to Silverlight 3 before but yeah looks more like 4 with some exceptions. That's close enough for me anyway. The printing support is a pitty but I can understand why, hopefully it's not too difficult to work around enabling extra functionality for Windows versions while maintaining one code base.

26 February, 2010
Chris Walsh [DX-Squad]

Peter, MS had version of Silverlight 2 & 3 running on Windows Mobile 6 and above, but it wasn't performant enough.

More on SL4 mobile at Mix10.  

2 March, 2010

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