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May 10th sees the return of the annual Day of .NET with Scott Guthrie, hosted by Arizona .NET User Group.

AZGroupsLogoThis is the 7th instalment of an ever-increasing 1-day event that brings Scott Guthrie to the South-West to share his seemingly unbounded knowledge with over 700 developers. This is a community event of vast proportions.

In addition to the star of the show, attendees will also be delighted by both Scott Hanselman and Jeffrey Palermo. There’s no two ways about it folks, this is going to be a great event.

If all that didn’t amount to a good enough reason for you to make time for this event, then maybe this final tasty morsel will. Our very own Mark Miller will be showcasing another superb CodeRush demonstration complete with licenses to be won. We’re hoping that his presentation will be as equally astounding as his previous showcases, but he’s keeping it under wraps for now. The only way you’ll find out what he has up his ample sleeves is by heading along to Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center for yourself.

At the time of writing, I can see that all of the free seating has been snapped up. Only 34 VIP tickets remain for this event. The VIP tickets has a small cost attached, $35.00, but that will get you premium seating for the duration of the event as well as wi-fi access, speedy lunch queue and valet parking.

Not sure you want to stump up $35.00? Why not approach your boss and ask if you can treat this as a training or educational day? It’s a fantastic opportunity to get access to some of the most active Microsoft employees and well-respected professional developers and consultants, and all for less than 2% of the cost of a pass for a national event.

If you are keen to attend I urge you to sign up on the event page now. Don’t leave it too late or the tickets will be gone.

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