Support DevExpress in the DevProConnections Community Choice Awards

DevProConnections Community Choice Awards Once again, Windows IT Pro, SQL Server Magazine and DevProConnections are giving IT Pros, DBAs and developers the chance to vote for their favourite tools and products as part of the Community Choice Awards.

Our customers have kindly put forward a number of DevExpress products in the “developer” category for DevProConnections and we’d really appreciate your votes.

Vote for DevExpress

DevExpress products have been nominated in a massive twelve categories. If you want to submit a vote for your favourite DevExpress tool you can find us in the following categories:

  • Add-In Category: DevExpress CodeRush
  • Charting & Graphics Tool Category: DevExpress XtraCharts Suite
  • Community Resource: DevExpress Community Site
  • Component Set: DevExpress DXperience ASP.NET
  • Grid: DevExpress ASPxGridView
  • Navigation Control: DevExpress ASPxperience Suite
  • Online Editor: DevExpress ASPxHTML Editor
  • Printing/Reporting Tool: Developer Express XtraReports Suite
  • Scheduling/Calendar Tool: DevExpress ASPxScheduler
  • Silverlight Product: DevExpress AgDataGrid
  • Utility: DevExpress ASPxSpellChecker
  • Free Tool: DevExpress Data Editors Library

Is DevExpress your Community Choice? Do we make the grade for your day-to-day development needs?

If we do, please support us by placing your vote, before the 21st September, on the DevProConnections Community Choice Awards site.

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Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

Voted, although to be fair, I only voted for the DX products that I actually use.

10 September, 2010


DevExpress has my point and my heart... you are my code best guys...I really enjoy codifying with devexpress components.


10 September, 2010
Geert Depickere


10 September, 2010


11 September, 2010
Carl Clark

Also in the Testing/QA Tool category: DevExpress ASPxSpellChecker.

11 September, 2010
Antonio Terron


14 September, 2010

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