RDU Code Camp 2010 – Do You Code Camp?

RDU Code Camp 2010RDU Code Camp is organised and run by the Triangle .NET User Group in Raleigh, NC, including Jon Anderson and Greg Pugh.

This is a great example of the local developer community pulling together to put on a completely free day of learning and networking for developers in and around the area.

As with all great code camps, you can expect the usual mix of great sessions, free food and drink and the opportunity to pick up giveaways and swag on the day.

If you’ve never been to a code camp, I thoroughly recommend that you give it whirl. Your local dev community is great resource for knowledge, fun, friendship and often employment. You’ll have the opportunity to meet devs from your area, network with other peers and speakers, talk to people who share the same interests as you and generally have a great time … all for free!

I can’t make this point more fervently. All of the content and good stuff at code camps is being offered to you for *free*.

You can register for RDU Code Camp on their website. Don’t delay – sign up today! Smile

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