Chippewa Valley Code Camp – Third Time’s a Charm

The Wisconsin Developer Community

Chippewa Valley Code Camp 2010Chippewa Valley Code Camp is the annual community event organized by Chippewa Valley .NET User Group in Wisconsin.

Doug Rhoten and I have known each other for some time, and I have become accustomed to his excellent community spirit. He hosts the local user group and commits time to engaging with the wider Midwest community to strengthen and support the developer community in the region.

Doug and the Chippewa Valley .NET User Group are hosting their third annual code camp on Saturday November 13th at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Phillips Hall.

Free Community Events Since 2004

Guided by the Code Camp Manifesto, Chippewa Valley Code Camp is organized by and for the developer community, it occurs out of work hours, it’s free and most importantly it’s *only* code. Chippewa Valley .NET User Group have been organizing free events since 2004.

This event is not just for Microsoft-focussed developers. You can expect a whole range of interesting topics on such things as NoSQL, Android development, jQuery and IronRuby.

This is a great opportunity for developers in and around the area to get together and listen to community speakers and Microsoft Developer Platform Evangelists talk tech … all day … for free!

Head over to the Chippewa Valley Code Camp website and register your place for this free event. You won’t be disappointed.

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