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  • All GiveCamp charities to receive free DevExpress licenses

    Free licenses for developers. Free licenses for charities.

    From January 14th through 16th, teams of volunteer developers will be hard at work creating new websites, new donor databases and social widgets for a number of local charities as part of the National Day of GiveCamp.

    DevExpress are a national sponsor for GiveCamp, and we are working with Microsoft to support all the events throughout the USA.

    GiveCamp developers have a raft of software to choose from, and we are very happy to be able to offer all developers working on a GiveCamp project the opportunity to implement a solution using DevExpress controls by offering free licenses to any interested parties.

     In addition to offering developers a completely free set of controls, it makes sense to allow the charities that they are supporting the opportunity to obtain the same, in order to maintain their solutions.

    So there it is. If you are a developer volunteering on a GiveCamp project and you want to use DevExpress controls, we’ll give them to you for free. In addition, when your code is handed over, your charity will receive the same set of controls in order to maintain their solution.

    Just one more reason to sign up for a GiveCamp near you.

    Don’t forget, NYC GiveCamp is recruiting for volunteers and for charities. Please consider being a part of the event.

  • NYC GiveCamp – Seeking Non-Profit Proposals

    Developers offering their time – for free

    NYC GiveCampNYC GiveCamp runs from Friday January 14th 2011 through Sunday January 16th 2011.

    The event is an opportunity for non-profit organizations, in and around New York, looking for development help in creating a new website, help designing a donor database, a way to promote their online presence through social networking sites. All this time and expertise, our team of developers are offering completely free-of-charge to local non-profits in the NYC area.

    Our developers need your proposals

    Our developers need proposals from local non-profit organizations in your NYC area.

    Is a non-profit that you know looking to build their first website? Perhaps they want to create a new website entirely. Maybe they are looking to move from Excel spreadsheets to create a functional donor database, from which they can gather reports or maintain contact with their supporters.

    Whatever the idea, the NYC GiveCamp team want to try to support your non-profit.

    Please contact any of your local charities and support networks and help them to submit their idea to the GiveCamp website.

    We are really looking forward to hearing from all developers and non-profits wanting to take up this opportunity. 

  • Can you help Bletchley Park save historic Turing papers?

    Bletchley Park was a pivotal hub in the history of computing.

    Alan TuringHome to Colossus, one of the earliest digital electronic computers, Bletchley Park is also best known for one of its eminent mathematicians, Alan Turing. Widely considered the founder of modern computing, Turing played a highly influential role in the development of modern computer science and the computer itself.

    Bletchley Park supporters are racing against time to raise funds to purchase a set of papers written by Turing, considered to be the largest in existence and of significant historical importance.

    The papers are to be auctioned on November 23rd 2010 by Christie’s in London, UK, and are valued at between £300,000 and £500,000 ($482,000 – $800,000).

    Bletchley Park is a dedicated museum and the natural choice for these papers, but they are struggling to raise the funds to bid for the papers. As part of the technical community that has been spawned by Turing’s work, are you able to offer support to their cause and help to keep these papers in their rightful place?

    I have donated to the Turing Papers fundraising page on Justgiving.

    Can you help too?

  • Our DevExpress New Year’s Resolution: NYC GiveCamp

    Giving everything we’ve got

    DevExpress is both proud and honoured to have been asked to lend a hand in the organisation of the NYC GiveCamp over the weekend of January 14th – 16th 2011.

    For this event, we are not merely donating resources, we are dedicating manpower and machine learning too! DevExpress has committed to making the event happen in every which way, and both NYC GiveCamp and the local NYC community could really use your help, wherever you can lend it.

    GiveCamp - Coding for CharityWhat is GiveCamp?

    For those of you not familiar with the GiveCamp concept, it is a full weekend of practically non-stop coding and caffeine.

    GiveCamps bring together a group of technology professionals - including developers, designers and DBAs – with charity organisations and not-for-profits. Over the course of one weekend, the developers design and build solutions put forward by the charities. These solutions include websites, donor databases and donation portals, to name but a few.

    Sounds like fun, right?!

    There’s only one rule: the projects must be completed in a single weekend. At the end of the weekend, all source code is turned over to the charities, and the charities are responsible for the on going maintenance of the project.

    But let’s face it, it’s amazing what we can do when management aren’t making changes to the brief every hour Winking smile

    How can you help?

    DevExpress is working with Microsoft, GiveCamp Across America and local sponsors, to both host the event and refresh all of the volunteers. We’ll have a roof over our heads, courtesy of Rachel Appel at Microsoft New York, and we’ll have an almost endless supply of food and drinks over the course of the weekend, for all of those who volunteer, through donations from local suppliers.

    This is a fantastic opportunity to give something back to your local community, meet new people, and have a brilliant weekend to boot.

    Code. Caffeine. Your community. What more could you want?

    If you’ve never experienced a GiveCamp before and you are in the NYC area, please take this opportunity to get involved and sign up as a volunteer. Bring your co-workers and your late-night coding compadres. Sign up for a few hours or the whole weekend. If you can spare the time, we will have the projects.

    Seth, Mehul, Bryan and Bobby are all GiveCamp first-timers, and they’ll be committing their time and skills over the weekend. We can’t wait to get started. Will you join us?

    Make giving back to the community one of your New Year’s resolutions – join us at NYC GiveCamp!

  • TechEd Europe 2010 – Improve your sporting prowess with DevExpress

    A short, fun post for today …

    DevExpress T-Shirts at TechEd Europe 2010Are you a sporty developer? Football, volleyball, maybe tennis? A visiting customer today told us that he loves wearing his DevExpress shirts for sporting events because it is lucky.

    And here’s the best part, after picking up one of our black and white “Eat-Sleep-Code” shirts at TechEd Europe 2009, of all of his t-shirts, he won more matches in his DevExpress shirt than any other that he played in. We gave him a new blue one so that he could continue his winning streak.

    So there you have it, we can confirm that DevExpress shirts can increase your sporting achievements. At your next event, be sure to come by the DevExpress sponsor table and pick up your free t-shirt.

    DevExpress t-shirts: stylish, lifestyle choice and apparently pretty lucky!

  • TechEd Europe 2010–Using DevExpress with SharePoint

    IT Pros need controls too!

    This week Rory, Gary and I are in Berlin, Germany for the 2010 edition of TechEd Europe. There are over 6500 attendees here and all hungry for information on Microsoft’s latest plans.

    The European event, like many of the other TechEds, has a big IT Pro contingent. Many of those IT Pros are looking for SharePoint solutions.

    A very popular question this week has been “Do your controls works with SharePoint?”.

    The answer is yes, we do have controls that are suitable for developers working with both Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Services 2007 being supported.

    Using ASP.NET controls in a SharePoint solution

    You can make use of DevExpress web controls within SharePoint portals in two ways: by installing our SharePoint add-ons containing specific Site Features, or by inserting the web controls you want to use directly into SharePoint pages.

    TechEd Europe: Rachel, Rory and GaryIf you own the grid control for ASP.NET or the ASP.NET HTML Editor, you can achieve a codeless integration of the Grid View and HTML Editor. You can view the ASP.NET grid control and the ASP.NET HTML Editor in action via our SharePoint demo site.

    Where can I find more information?

    If you want to check out some of the ASP.NET controls from DXperience in a SharePoint environment, head over to our SharePoint Demo Site.

    With that, we will say “Best Wishes” from Berlin.

  • eXpand: An open source framework built with XAF

    Apostolis Bekiaris is a DX-Squad member whose focus is on our business application framework, XAF.

    For almost 18 months, Tolis has been digging into XAF to uncover its capabilities and make it accessible for developers of all levels. To this end he has created the eXpand framework – the first open source project based on XAF.

    Recently, eXpand was officially released into the wild. I asked Tolis if he could tell us a little more about eXpand and the on-going open source project.

    What is eXpand?

    eXpand is an open source extension framework for XAF and operates under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).

    Being DevExpress users at the inception of XAF, and accumulating a few years of experience, has made it easy for our team to understand how to apply best practices and design useful, abstract modules. We wanted to make that knowledge more accessible for other users of XAF. Using our own experiences and also gathering as much knowledge and feedback from other great minds out there, we have managed to design 51 well-architected and tested assemblies to distribute over our framework.

    Although the eXpress App Framework is a very powerful, event-driven and extensible beast, it targets developers. In turn, they are responsible for moulding and extending XAF to build business solutions. But even a very simple business solution requires a lot of time to implement and commitment to learning the extent of XAF’s capabilities, in order to make modules abstract and reusable. Some users just don’t have that expertise or the time, so our framework guides users to help them achieve this. A Feature Center application is distributed along with our sources to help reduce the learning curve.

    How long have you been working on the project?

    Back in July 2009, myself, Martin Praxmarer (DX-Squad) and John Pouliezos started the project. Since then more members have joined us including Dima Jansen and Carlitos Melgar.

    Our team members are using eXpand for everyday project needs, which is great because by using it every day we get ideas on how to evolve and develop it.

    While we are mentioning the team, I would like to invite anyone from the XAF community that would like to join our team of volunteers to get in touch and participate. We can provide a great set of benefits in return (including a DXperience Universal license), but not only that, we have found that the best benefit of this project is the joy of helping a very active community!

    Why did you select XAF?

    XAF scaffolds the state-of-the-art components from DevExpress, as well as having a great architecture and look-and-feel.

    Before XAF came into the picture, the powerful, yet very simple, XPO was my ORM of choice. Since XPO was used to provide the storage layer for XAF, it seemed a natural decision based on experiences with the ORM tool.

    During the many years I have worked with DevExpress, I have been amazed at how the team has pushed technology beyond its limits. Those of you that have used XAF from day one will remember that at the time, there was no other framework built on MVC. And now, bringing the framework up-to-date, the Domain Components technology introduced lately is just amazing, and has no equal!

    One of the biggest reasons for using DevExpress products is their support team. If you have a problem and you make good use of the Support Center, you are likely to get a resolution within a day.

    Find out more about eXpand

    eXpand has a seemingly endless number of features right now, and Tolis does as much as he can to keep the community up-to-date on what is happening on his blog.

    New users can read the team’s recent release post to get up to speed.

    The eXpand site is available at http://www.expandframework.com where users can find and read more about the modules available, and contribute to the eXpand wiki.

    There are also forums where you can find and post eXpand and XAF-related answers and queries.

    eXpand is an extensive project, and we all thank Tolis and the rest of the volunteer team working on it for open sourcing it.

  • Desert Code Camp Gets Hot Hot Hot!

    The lowdown on Desert Code Camp

    Desert Code Camp 2010Desert Code Camp is in full, organisational swing. This free one-day event event will kick-off at Chandler-Gilbert Community College in Chandler, AZ, on Saturday November 13th 2010.

    Joseph Guadagno is one of the organisers working hard to pull together the event. A Visual C# MVP and a board member for INETA, his community credentials extend from being President of SouthEast Valley .NET User Group through to the Scott Gu conferences held in conjunction with the Arizona .NET User Group. Joseph is no amateur, that’s for sure.

    At the time of writing, the schedule is being finalised, but with topics submitted ranging from AJAX to XNA development, with ASP.NET MVC, HTML5 and WCF in between, this is going to be a full-on tech adventure.

    Why should I attend Desert Code Camp?

    Desert Code Camp is a completely free one-day event that is hosted by the Phoenix developer community to help promote software development. Every platform, language or technology is welcome, as are those that work with them.

    If a completely free day of tech with a huge range of sessions, great community speakers and hundreds of like-minded individuals isn’t enough to get you registering in droves, then consider this: Joseph tells me that, thanks to his sponsors, there will be a free after-party for all attendees after the event on Saturday. What a great opportunity to laugh, drink and be merry while spending time enjoying the company of your fellow code campers.

    Don’t delay, register today for Desert Code Camp 2010.


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