TechEd Europe 2010 – Improve your sporting prowess with DevExpress

A short, fun post for today …

DevExpress T-Shirts at TechEd Europe 2010Are you a sporty developer? Football, volleyball, maybe tennis? A visiting customer today told us that he loves wearing his DevExpress shirts for sporting events because it is lucky.

And here’s the best part, after picking up one of our black and white “Eat-Sleep-Code” shirts at TechEd Europe 2009, of all of his t-shirts, he won more matches in his DevExpress shirt than any other that he played in. We gave him a new blue one so that he could continue his winning streak.

So there you have it, we can confirm that DevExpress shirts can increase your sporting achievements. At your next event, be sure to come by the DevExpress sponsor table and pick up your free t-shirt.

DevExpress t-shirts: stylish, lifestyle choice and apparently pretty lucky!

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Sigurd Decroos

I play soccer, I'll test it ASAP! :)

12 November, 2010
Garry Lowther

if you have any left over, please send one to me as I will wear mine to play team tennis - being in 'Silicon Fen' we often play against IT bods who may be impressed by these T-shirts - I am - they look great.


Trinity House

Cambridge Business Park



12 November, 2010
David Mustard

Y'know Rachel, it's probably a coincidence, but I haven't won any sports competitions or tournaments *at all* but that's probably down to the fact that I don't possess, nor have never had the opportunity to pick up, a lucky DevExpress garment. :-(((

On top of that, in June at the age of 62 I lost my job - to tell the truth I probably need all the lucky shirts you have in stock - unless you have something else lucky you can recommend?

12 November, 2010
Steve Sharkey

I don't suppose you have any that are FIA approved fire proof? I do speed hill climbs and sprints and could do with a little help. Having said that I did wear mine at the last event of the British GT championship (I look after all the computers and data logging and interpretation for the computing for the Rosso Verde Ferrari 430 GT team) and whilst we qualified on pole and pun down to be a lap down at the point when we had the driver change we did come through to win the race! So maybe there is something in it!

15 November, 2010
Rachel Hawley (DevExpress)

@ Garry I had another life very close to you. My first real tech job was on the Business Park at Autonomy House ... funnily enough my second tech job was across the road from them!

@ David That is a sad tale and then some. Thanksgiving cheer is needed for you. Drop me an email rachelh at the domain.

@ Steve ;-) It's all truth, I promise you. I'd love to hear more about that job. Fancy sharing some of it with the rest of the community?

18 November, 2010
Adam Wilson 2

I recently attended the Connection event in Las Vegas and visited your both. I inquired about your product and was ask if I wanted a shirt ( I was really diggin the Eat Sleep Code t-shirts) And I was handed a shrink wrapped package. But after I got home and unwrapped it I found that I didn't get the shirt I had wanted so badly. How can I get one of your shirts?

19 November, 2010
Rachel Hawley (DevExpress)

Hi Adam,

This must have been most traumatising. Drop me an email rachel h at the domain and I'll see what I can do for you :)

22 November, 2010
Adam Wilson 2

Hi Rachel,

Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much. You are a great person. My wonderful wife surprised the heck out of me for our anniversary with an EAT SLEEP CODE shirt that you sent to her. DevExpress Rocks! She went to great lengths to get me something I really wanted. I am truely grateful for your help and to my awsome wife for a great anniversary. I love her with all my heart. I'll be wearing the shirt for casual Fridays.

2 February, 2011
Rachel Hawley (DevExpress)

:) Your wife is quite the Columbo, I have to say!

3 February, 2011

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