CodeMash Conference and Heartland Region User Group Tour

The DevExpress evangelists are careering into 2011 and starting as we mean to go on. You’ll not find us at just one, nor two but NINE different events over the next two weeks.

CodeMash 2011While Mehul, Seth, Bryan and Azret head out to New York for NYC GiveCamp and the DevExpress NYC Mixer, Gary and I will once again head to the Heartland Region where you’ll be able to find us at CodeMash in Sandusky, OH as well as speaking at six different community groups. If you are one of the lucky people to have bagged a golden CodeMash ticket, or if would like to join us at any of the events listed below please do drop by an see us while we’re on the road.

Date and Time Event Session Title

01/10/2011 (starts 6pm)

Ann Arbor .NET Developers' Group 

Credit Crunch Code - Time to Pay Back the Technical Debt



Asymptotics and Algorithms, What You've Forgotten Since University

01/17/2011 (starts 6.30pm)

CUPFx: Commercial Users of Functional Programming

Computational Expressions in F#

01/18/2011 (starts 6pm)

NorthWest Ohio .NET User Group

Data Mining the Social Web

01/19/2011 (starts 6pm)

Great Lakes .NET User Group

Refactoring – Everything you Wanted to Know but were Afraid to Ask

01/19/2011 (starts 5.30pm)

Michigan Girl Geek Dinner

What is a Girl Geek?

01/20/2011 (starts 6pm)

Greater Lansing User Group

My Favorite Design Patterns

If you’re new to your local user group, remember these very important points:

1) User group events are free of charge (this doesn’t apply to CodeMash)
2) You can expect a nice selection of pizza and usually some soft drinks, courtesy of the group’s sponsors
3) You will meet more local devs from your area than you can shake a really big stick at!

Let us know if you’ll be joining us at one of the events above. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you there.

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