DevExpress, the perfect anniversary gift

… I’m serious!

Way back in November, when Gary, Rory and I were at TechEd Europe in Berlin, I wrote a post about the sporting achievements of one of our customers at the event. He had told us he’d had great sporting success while wearing his DevExpress t-shirt.

Not long after, Adam Wilson dropped a comment on the post:

I recently attended the Connection event in Las Vegas and visited your both. I inquired about your product and was ask if I wanted a shirt (I was really diggin’ the Eat Sleep Code t-shirts) And I was handed a shrink wrapped package. But after I got home and unwrapped it, I found that I didn't get the shirt I had wanted so badly. How can I get one of your shirts?

After responding to Adam’s plight, we heard no more.

Fast-forward to January 2011 and one Leticia Wilson contacted me via the DevExpress Community Site. Her husband, Adam, and she were approaching their anniversary and she dearly wanted to surprise him. “What with?” I hear you ask. Read on …

His face was like a kid at Christmas as he unwrapped that shirt from your booth, smiling from ear to ear...then he saw it and his face just went blank with disappointment. It was so sad : ( I came across a forum where my husband commented and asked where he could receive an eat sleep code shirt, and you responded to him and asked him to email you...I would really like to make this happen for him and get him one of your t-shirts. I have researched the internet looking for these shirts, I have found numerous shirts like this one, but it is not the one!

Being DevExpress’ chief warm fuzzy giver, my heartstrings were well and truly tugged.

One priority mail package later – courtesy of our wonderful office assistant, Alena – and Leticia had her wish. She told me how she set the scene for the best anniversary gift, EVER!

I decided to show him the initial email I sent you asking for your help. As he was reading it, he kept looking at me and saying "What, she answered me on the forum? How'd you find that?” Then I said "but I never heard back from her through e-mail”, not exactly a lie :), his smile went away and he said "Thank you so much for trying that was so cool of you". Then I said "but then before we left the doorbell rang…" and I handed him the box you sent and he opened it and was SO SO HAPPY!

He kept going on and on about it, and immediately put it on and wore it. He plans on wearing it this Friday to work to surprise his co-worker...and let him know he too owns a DevExpress T.A genuine DevExpress t-shirt makes Adam very happy

So there you have it. Not only is the DevExpress t-shirt a sporting necessity, it also makes the perfect anniversary gift…at least for this happy couple.

Congratulations on your anniversary Adam and Leticia, from all of us at DevExpress!

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James S K Makumbi
James S K Makumbi

:) nice. reminds me of the time my girlfriend bought me a graphics card.

4 February 2011

Brian, the surprised co-worker here...I just heard the whole story and am quite amazed and impressed by the whole thing. I had to do a double take when I first saw Adam wearing the shirt this morning. A job well done by all involved!

(My URL is to a picture of both of us wearing the shirt.)

4 February 2011
Rachel Hawley (DevExpress)
Rachel Hawley (DevExpress)

Brian that is awesome! May your DevExpress shirts long be worn on Dress Down Fridays :)

8 February 2011

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