Mid Atlantic Developer Expo–You’ll be MAD to miss it!

Steve Presley, an online friend of not inconsiderable years(!), contacted me recently to ask if we would support a new venture that he was a part of – the Mid Atlantic Developer Expo. Since we’ve known each other for some time and I consider him a great community supporter I had a look into this event to see how it might be different to just another code camp.

Definitely not just another code camp

MADExpo 2011 - Hampton, VASteve, and the rest of the organising committee behind this event, have gone to great lengths to create an inclusive platform for developers of all shapes and shades to come together to share, inspire and learn. And that isn’t just some marketing mumbo jumbo, this event really is run by developers for developers. They are creating an environment that they would like to benefit from, and they can’t be the only developers in the Mid Atlantic area to think that this could be a great opportunity.

MADExpo is bringing together diverse backgrounds to create an innovative collection of sessions and demos designed to light the fires of developers who want to explore ideas and practices outside of their comfort zones. They’ve got web development with ASP.NET and PHP, Kinect hacking, mobile development of all varieties, and they are putting it all together to encourage collaboration and creativity.

The conference will run from June 30th to July 1st at the Hampton Road Convention Center in Hampton, VA.

Premium conference content for just $99!

I’m serious! Until the end of May you can register for MADExpo for just $99.

$99 for 2 full days of sessions, networking and demos from leading industry experts.

When conference prices for your team are getting so high that it’s clouding your boss’s opinion of your on-going personal development, opportunities like MADExpo are a perfect replacement for high dollar conference tickets. The same international speakers you can find at events all over the globe will be coming to this event and delivering the same high quality content.

Give your boss’s training budget a new lease of life. Register for MADExpo

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