Scott Hanselman on the “Web Stack of Love” at Portland Code Camp

DevExpress is excited to be supporting Portland Code Camp again this year.

This annual event attracts hundreds of eager developers looking to learn about new technologies and spend a full day in sessions with their peers. This event really is a full day of materials – starting at 8am and going right the way through to 10pm – and not only that, the event includes a code camp social event too.

This year the event will be on Saturday June 4th at the Eliot Center, Salmon Street, Portland, OR. 

imageKeynote from Scott Hanselman

Local resident, Mr Hanselman, will be offering a PowerPoint free keynote session in which he’ll see what he can build with the latest and greatest bits from Microsoft’s “Web Stack of Love”. Now I don’t know about you but after the Magic Unicorn Edition of Entity Framework, I am excited to find out what direction the “Microsoft Web Stack of Love” is taking post-PDC. Something tells me that with these unicorns and all this love, we might end up seeing some triple rainbows. Fabulous!

Register for Portland Code Camp

Registration is already open for Portland Code Camp, and what’s more the whole thing is free. With the great work that Arnie Rowland and his co-ordinators have done to secure sponsorship from supporters, this event can be put on completely free of charge for you to attend and enjoy.

You can register via the link on the code camp website, and I strongly recommend that you do. Woody has told me that this is a fabulous event, and if he weren’t already going to CodeStock he’d be at Portland Code Camp!

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