Enjoy Entrepreneurialism at Lansing Day of .NET 2011

This weekend, Saturday 25th June, Lansing will host its 3rd Day of .NET event. DevExpress friend, Joe Kunk, told us a little about the event in this recent video.

This year, Camtasia and Snagit creators, TechSmith, are hosting the event and sponsors, including us here at DevExpress, are helping to support Lansing Day of .NET and the many technical community members who are attending the day-long event.  

Thriving Developer Community

Gary and I have visited Lansing on more than more occasion, and what strikes me each time is the thriving sense of community spirit. In this state alone, and for the most part within about 1-2 hours drive, there are at least 5 user groups maintained by the community and run for the benefit of the community.

Many of these groups are seeing upwards of 50 attendees every month, and the great part about it all is that after each meeting people hang around to talk to each other, mix with recruiters or local business owners, chat about work, chat about home life … Everyone takes the opportunity to squeeze as much into those couple of hours as they can. It comes as no surprise to me that when I think about many of my closest friends in the tech community, I find that a large number of them are based in and around the Greater Lansing area.

Participate at Day of .NET 2011 

ldodn-logo-125alphaIf you are based in or near the Lansing area and you have not already sampled what this community has to offer, why not pop along for a taster at the Day of .NET event this Saturday?

The event is totally free to attend, thanks to hosts TechSmith and all the participating sponsors, and the sessions represent the great mix of talent that comes from in and around Michigan. A look at the speaker list shows that you can expect some really eclectic content, including HTML5, ASP.NET MVC and Windows Phone development, as well as some all-round more entrepreneurial sessions on starting your business, making the most of diversity and also being a better developer.


Community on a smaller scale

If events like this are not your cup of tea (or coffee!), and user group meetings don’t light your proverbial fire, I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of our friends at Gravity Works and their co-working space, Second Gear, in Lansing, MI. This is not an advertisement for their services, this is a suggestion for a way that I think you can sample what the folks in Lansing can offer you as a community-focused city.

Second Gear is a fantastic space, with great facilities located right next door to creative development and design company, Gravity Works. The company was set up by a friend of mine, Jeff McWherter, and his co-founder, Amelia Marschall.

The information page on their co-working space, Second Gear, resonates with many conversations that Jeff and I have had about our previous working environments. If you are based around the Lansing, MI area and your productivity cycle does not fit into the “cubical mould” then I encourage you give my friends a call and spend some time in their company. It won’t take long for you to rediscover your energy and productivity.

Enjoy yourself!

I can’t sing the praises of community events highly enough. They are a great educational and networking opportunity.

I suggest that you head along to the TechSmith office in Okemos, MI on Saturday June 25th and sample what is on offer. 

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