Video: Barry Dorrans on security, AKA “developers doing naughty things” at NDC 2011

It’s not an uncommon news headline, “[Organisation X] suffers security breach …” but recently, high-profile names have bought system and data security right slap-bang into the spotlight.

Some of you may remember Barry Dorrans from the DevExpress webinar he presented on the OWASP Top 10 Web Vulnerabilities. The list is a perfect resource for discovering the most popular attacks against web applications on the internet right now.

Back in May 2011, Sony bosses were deeply apologetic for the security breach affecting some 77 million accounts on the online PlayStation Network service. In addition, concerns were raised that, of those accounts, as many as 10 million credit card records were compromised. Not long after that, Citibank came under attack after being “hacked”. Both Barry and other Microsoft employees, including Rachel Appel, showed concerns at the success of this level of “primitive hacking”.

But what do these examples tell us? Beyond the fact that these problems exist, I don’t think I am really in a position to answer my own question, but I can provide you with this short yet informative video recorded at NDC 2011.

Barry presented an introduction to web security at NDC 2011, and the video of that presentation is now available to watch. But if you want a small starter before digging into the main course, why not watch this video.

Have you been affected by security breaches in your organisation? Do you have a process that is already implemented to sanitise your applications for possible security issues? Leave your feedback in the comments and let us know your thoughts.

Barry Dorrans - Application Security at NDC 2011

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