Congratulations to our “Find the $50” winners!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our 50th Newsletter celebration that, as you may realise now, marked the lead up to the launch of Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch and the release of the DevExpress LightSwitch Reporting Extension.

I was really pleased to get so many great messages from those of your who took part. The positive messages of support that you sent detailing how much you were enjoying using our controls and products was great for all the team to hear. Our support team were really grateful of all the fantastic messages of support that you sent.

But enough of all that fluff – to the winners!

We selected 25 winners at random from all of our entries. Each of our winners will receive a free copy of DXperience Universal with a 12 month subscription and not only that, but they will also get $50 in Amazon gift vouchers.

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitchAnd with that, our 25 contest winners are:

Chris Pitt
Robson Vitor Rezini    
Daniel Baies
Luca Centimeri
Jim Argeropoulos
Jacco van Beelen
Remo von Ballmoos
Alejandro Charbonnier
Terry Swiers
Joshua Ryan
Donald Leclerc
Joseph Guadagno
Jennifer Carr
Fredy Treboux
Alain Deschenes
Dustin Stokes
Mike Fitzgerald
Matt Calsada
Christopher Blevins
Patrick Flahan
James Parker
Craig Nicol
Don Bailes
Charles Romaine
Tarik Souirji

Our winners will be receiving emails with details of their prizes very soon.

We’ll have a couple of surprise goodies for the following folks as well, who posted some great messages of support to Twitter and Facebook:

Christian M.Z.
Phil Collins (not the singer) 
Peter Thorpe
Travis Illig
Django Dunn
Travis Cherry
Steeve Bérubé
Christian Ista

Thanks again to everyone who took part. We’re really glad you enjoyed the contest. Look out for more chances to win with DevExpress soon.

11 comment(s)
Brendon Muck [DevExpress MVP]

Would be pretty cool if it WAS Phil Collins the singer though.

29 July, 2011
Alejandro Charbonnier

Great news !!!

Congratulations to the other guys!! DevEx Rocks!


29 July, 2011
Peter Thorpe

Thanks for clearing up Phil Collins (the singer and drummer) hasn't taken up programming ;-)

29 July, 2011
Mike Hunsberger

I didn't win?????  Oh well, I guess my subscription expires this year then because there aren't enough new Winforms features coming to justify renewal. Last year was very close...


Mike H

Tril0Byte Codeworks LLC

29 July, 2011
Anand Narayanaswamy 2

Congratulations to all winners. I hope I can win next time.

Anand @

1 August, 2011
Robson Vitor Rezini

Wow! I can not believe I won! DevExpress Thank you! It is for things so I always suggest DevExpress!

1 August, 2011

Funky ! :)

1 August, 2011
Christian Ista

I expected be in the first list, not in the second ;(

But it's better than nothing  :)

Do you know what the goodies are ?

1 August, 2011
Jacco van Beelen

Awesome, I'm one of the winners. Thanks for the great prize!

2 August, 2011
Craig Nicol

w00t. Thanks.

3 August, 2011
Donald Leclerc 1

Really appreciate.  Thank your DevExpress!

3 August, 2011

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