Free DevExpress licenses for all National GiveCamp volunteers

Free licenses for developers. Free licenses for charities.

October 21st to 23rd will see teams of volunteer developers hard at work creating new websites, donor databases and social widgets for a number of local charities as part of the second National GiveCamp event.

DevExpress is a national sponsor for GiveCamp, and we are working with Microsoft to support all the events throughout the USA and right here in the UK (co-ordinated, in part, by yours truly Smile).

GiveCamp developers have a raft of software to choose from, and we are very happy to be able to offer all developers working on a GiveCamp project the opportunity to implement a solution using DevExpress controls by offering free licenses to anyone interested in making use of them.

GiveCamp logoIn addition to offering developers a completely free set of controls, it makes sense to allow the charities that they are supporting the opportunity to obtain the same, in order to maintain their solutions.

So there it is. If you are a developer volunteering on a GiveCamp project that could make great use of DevExpress controls, we’ll give them to you for free. In addition, when your code is handed over, your charity will receive the same set of controls in order to maintain their solution.

If you want to take up this donation, contact me for more information (

Just one more reason to sign up for a GiveCamp near you.

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