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01 August 2019

Thank you for you continued support and for choosing DevExpress Reports. We appreciate the great feedback and questions. Here are a few interesting support tickets we answered in July. Hopefully you’ll find them of value as you integrate our reporting platform in your next desktop or web project.

New Reporting Feature

Editing content within the Print Preview: How to remove a pre-loaded image from XRPictureBox.

New Image Editing Options

Refer to the Content Editing in Print Preview topic in our documentation for the actual information on the image editors.

Ticket ID: T747500

Reporting – Multiple Supported Platforms (WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET, .NET Core)

  • How to add a formatting rule in DevExpress Reports v17.2+.
    Ticket ID: T759318

  • How to include a diagram (DevExpress WinForms Diagram) control inside a WinForms report.
    Ticket ID: T758740

  • How to know whether a query returns no data for a report.
    Ticket ID: T758520

  • How to store and read edit field metadata from a PDF file generated by DevExpress Reports.
    Ticket ID: T757807

  • How to change JsonDataSource at Runtime.
    Ticket ID: T801514

WinForms Reporting

  • What’s the difference between XtraReport.Print and ReportPrintTool.Print methods.
    Ticket ID: T755391

  • Query Builder: Unicode characters are not displayed in data column captions.
    Ticket ID: T750829

  • How to disable our WinForms Report format converter dialog (data bindings to expression bindings).
    Ticket ID: T754776

  • How to change the appearance of a selected control in the End-User Report Designer.
    Ticket ID: T800652

WPF Reporting

  • How to migrate a WPF application to .NET Core 3 and integrate DevExpress Reports within it.
    Ticket ID: T756863

  • How to open a report created in a WPF application (.NET Framework) and save it as a PDF file in a .NET Core application.
    Ticket ID: T758061

Web Reporting

  • Web Report Designer: Memory leaks in browser while using designer in an Angular application.
    Ticket ID: T756640

  • JsonDataSource - Special characters such as € are not displayed.
    Ticket ID: T758660

  • How to stop a previewed report’s document generation process automatically via a timeout (to prevent performance issue).
    Ticket ID: T757658

  • Web Report Designer: How to create a read-only report.
    Ticket ID: T756780

  • Adding authentication to our HTML5 Report Viewer component (ASP.NET Core / Angular).
    Ticket ID: T714576

  • Web Report Designer: How to hide a subreport from the toolbox.
    Ticket ID: T801675

  • Web Report Designer: Wizard customization - How to remove report types.
    Ticket ID: T750005

  • Web Report Designer: How to open multiple reports and save them simultaneously.
    Ticket ID: T750714

Documentation Updates

Please note, we updated the following help topics:

We also published the How to customize the Web Report Wizard example and added a Report and Dashboard Server Registration help topic.

As always, we welcome your comments and feedback. If you’ve come across a useful Support Center ticket, feel free to share it with the DevExpress developer community here.

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