Web Reporting — Important Changes in v22.2 — ES6 Support

Reporting Team Blog
07 November 2022

This post includes information related to the next major update of DevExpress Reports - v22.2. Should you have any questions about the changes described herein, feel free to submit a support ticket via the DevExpress Support Center.

As you may already know, we announced ES6 module support for DevExtreme in our v21.1 release cycle. DevExtreme libraries lie at the heart of our web reporting components, and DevExtreme’s transition to ES6 means that DevExpress Reports will be in position to adopt a more modular approach and implement ES6 standards across all web reporting components as well.

The benefits of ES6 support are as follows:

  • native browser support
  • smaller package size without redundant wrappers
  • more efficient Tree Shaking
  • fewer calls, resulting in a smaller call stack and improved performance
  • support for new versions of Angular and other frameworks (by dropping old-fashioned CJS)
  • support for new rapid development tools available for modern web projects, such as Vite. If you have not yet heard about Vite, please refer to the following blog post: Reporting — Create a Vite-Powered Web App.

While we believe ES6 adoption is crucial, the transition to ES6 is not as seamless as we'd like it to be. Accordingly, we’ve documented the necessary project-level changes associated with this transition. We also encourage you to review the list of breaking changes introduced in the past:

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