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20 June 2024

As you may know, a drill-through report allows users to open a "new" report by clicking a link within a main/active report document. Drill-through reports generally include detailed information about a given item within the original report. For example, the original report may include a sales summary with a list of categories. By using drill-through reports, a user can click a category in the sales summary list to open a detailed category report. 

Benefits of Drill-Through Reports

  • Enhanced readability: By using drill-through reports, you can eliminate visual/information noise (by using separate summary and detail reports).
  • Centralize location for KPIs: To improve information clarity/understanding, use a summary report to link multiple reports with different detail data. 
  • Display information using multiple viewpoints: Leverage drill-through reports and link multiple reports to display the same dataset using different information perspectives. This approach allows you to analyze the same data with different visualization options/strategies (rather than a single visualization in a standalone report).
  • Drill-Through vs Drill-Down vs SubReport

    Devexpress Reports ships with a variety of interactivity features including Drill-Through, Drill-Down, and SubReport.

    The primary difference between each of these is as follows: drill-down and subreports are embedded into the body of the main report with master-detail relationships and groups. A drill-through report is only processed and rendered when the user clicks the drill-through link in the main report.

    Unlike a drill-through report,  a subreport is processed as part of the main report. You can use this method if you cannot define a direct relationship in the data source (use different data sets).


    Subreports Demo

    Drill-Down provides granular information within a specific report (dataset). Drill-down can be created using a single view and dynamically displayed by clicking an element (in other words, you can drill down from the top level to the bottom level using the same visualization).


    Drill-Down Report Demo

    Drill-Through displays a different data perspective. Drill-Through uses a selected element, may use filters, and applies them to the report you are "drilling" through. A drill-through report includes parameters passed to it by the main report. When you set a drill-through report link on a report item, set a value for the parameter of the target report as well. When the user clicks the link in the active/main report, the target detail report opens and displays the information for that specific value.


    Drill-Through Report Demo

    Create a Drill-Through Action

    To define a drill-through action, add a NavigateToReportAction to a supported report control, such is XRTableCell or XRLabel. NavigateToReportAction allows you to specify the detail report instance or URL used to define a master-detail relationship and obtain a collection of detail report parameter bindings.

    If you are new to drill-through reports, please take a moment to review the following help topic for additional information:

    Create Drill-Through Reports.

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