Reporting Team (DevExpress)

DevExpress Visual Studio.NET Report Designer — Optimized Startup Time, Machine-wide Options Dialog, NuGet globalPackagesFolder Support, and More (v23.1)
DevExpress Visual Studio Report Designer for .NET — Upcoming Features (v22.2) — Custom Controls, Functions, and Database Providers
Reporting — No-Code Parameters Panel Layout Customization (v22.1)
Reporting — Visual Studio Report Designer for .NET 6 Apps (v21.2)
Reporting — Avoid Mistakes in Report Creation with The Help of Report Design Analyzer (v21.1)
Reporting — Enhancements, Documentation Updates, Tips & Tricks (April-May 2021)
Reporting - Visual Studio Integrated Report Designer for .NET Apps (CTP, v21.1)
Reporting - Localization (v20.1)
DevExpress Reporting – 2020 Roadmap
Reporting 2020 Roadmap - Your Opinion Counts
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