Reporting Team (DevExpress)

Web Report Designer — Custom Controls and Expressions Registration (v23.1)
Reporting — Early Access Preview (v23.1) — Optimized Page Loading for Web Apps, Font Fallback during PDF Export, Barcode Enhancements and More
DevExpress Web Report Designer — Custom Report Templates in Report Wizard, Data Source UI Enhancements (v22.2)
Web Report Designer — Upcoming Features (v22.2) — Report Wizard Customization API
Reporting — No-Code Parameters Panel Layout Customization (v22.1)
Happy Holidays from the DevExpress Reporting Team - Demo with Material Design Theme Inside
Reporting — Early Access Preview (v21.2)
Reporting — Updated Web Report Designer UI (Coming Soon in v21.2)
Reporting — Row-Level Security in Multi-User Applications with the DevExpress Web Report Designer (v21.1)
DevExpress Reporting - 2021 Roadmap
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