Community Callout – Change Target Framework

This week my attention was called to a plugin written by one of our community.

Steven Rasmussen has recently updated his “Change Target Framework” plugin to support .NET 4.0

You can find a link to Steven’s plugin in an XAF thread in our forums.

After installation, you will find a couple of extra menu options on the project and solution context menus in the solution explorer.


After selecting one of these options you’ll be presented with a choice of frameworks to select from:

Note: This list allows you to pick any framework 2.0 through 4.0 and includes options for client profiles.

Pick the framework you’d like to change to, and click Ok.

After a few moments (depending on the size of your project/solution) your designated project(s) will have had their framework version altered, and will be ready to continue working with.

And you’re all done. It’s that simple.

Life has been made that little bit easier, thanks to Steven Rasmussen and CodeRush.

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Does it allow to choose client profile for 3.5 and 4.0?

19 November, 2010
Rory Becker - DevExpress

Indeed it does. I should have said as much originally. Sorry :)

I have added a caption under the image of this box, to indicate this is so.

19 November, 2010
Steven Rasmussen

Thanks Rory!  I just hope it helps someone else out.  I have really gleaned a lot of knowledge from everyone here in the DevExpress community so I'm glad to finally be able to give back.

19 November, 2010

Any idea whether there might be an update of the ChangeTargetFramework dll? I've tried several times to use the available version (and it loads) but I haven't seen the context menu item in VS 2010.

28 December, 2011

I was able to do a minimal amount of debugging to determine that this extension requires that you load Visual Studio (wait for the extension to load) and then load your solution.

28 December, 2011
Rory Becker - DevExpress

@Matthew I think Steve Rasmussen (The original author) would be your best bet for information on future versions of this plugin.

2 January, 2012

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