CodeRush Tip - Tab to Next Reference


Tab to next Reference is one of those features that’s so simple to pick up, but once you’ve used it for even a few minutes, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

It allows you to [Tab] between the references to an identifier just, as if you were tabbing between the elements of a dialog box.

Simply place your caret within an identifier, and hit the [Tab] key.

Immediately CodeRush highlights all references to the identifier, and navigates you to the next one in sequence.

Each additional press of the [Tab] key will navigate to the next occurrence of the identifier in question.

When you reach the last reference, an additional press of [Tab] will navigate back to the first instance.

Like tabbing between controls on a form, [Shift] + [Tab] will navigate through your references in reverse order.

Finally, hit the [Esc] key and your caret will jump back to where you started.

Oh and did I mention, this feature works solution wide, skipping from file to file and project to project, to locate each and every reference.

I should also point out that whilst my example on the right is in VB.Net, this feature works just as well in C#. It’s even supported in JavaScript.

Go on… Try it…

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