CodeRush Tip – How to locate key bindings

How do I locate a CodeRush key binding?

CodeRush key bindings can be found in the options (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+O) under IDE\Shortcuts. However there are quite a few and searching through the hierarchy manually can be something of a pain unless you know where to look.

Happily a manual search is not your only option.

Above the shortcut tree, there is a toolbar containing several buttons which are useful in different circumstances.


In this case the following 2 options may be of some use.

Option 1 – Search

  • The 2nd last icon on the toolbar is a search facility which can be used to search for shortcuts.
  • You can search by folder, key binding, mouse binding or by command name.


Option 2 - Flatten hierarchy and sort.

  • Click third last icon in the toolbar to collapse the hierarchy.
  • You'll now be viewing the same set of shortcuts in a flat grid rather than in a tree.
  • You should now be able to sort by either Shortcut or Command and easily locate the binding you're after.

Bonus Tip

We recommend placing user created bindings in a custom root folder within the hierarchy so as to easily distinguish between your own shortcuts and those shipped with CodeRush. This can also ease transferal of these shortcuts to other machines since this will cause said shortcuts to be placed in a file of their own.

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