CodeRush Tip – Quick Navigation

Quick Navigation is a kind of intelligent search.

Basic Search:

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+Q.
  • Type the (partial) name of a Type or Member you’re looking for in the box at the top.


  • As you type, the search results are narrowed and displayed for your perusal.
  • The phrase you typed, is highlighted in red in each of the results.
  • Select an entry (Enter or Double Click) to jump directly to it.

Camel Case Search

Additionally Quick Navigation will recognise the use of Capital letters to indicate word boundaries

  • If you type CHS this will be interpreted as “please find me phrases with these letters in sequence
  • Found characters are highlighted in red with blue highlights indicating additional capitals which existing between those sought.
  • Note below how the phrase CHS has located both “CopyAsHexString” and “CSharpEventHandlerService”


Intelligent Searching

Like the References Tool window, Quick Navigation is intelligent.

It is not simply a text search facility. Instead Quick Navigation searches for Types or Members which match your search criteria. Like the References Tool window, this means that comments and partial matches are excluded from the results, preventing you from having to filter those results out yourself.


Quick Navigation hides it’s filter options by default. They can be toggled using the dropdown in the upper right position of this dialog.


The buttons presented represent various restrictions that can be placed on the results brought back.

  • The first 3 groups of buttons (Types, members and Access) can have their buttons set in any arrangement.
  • The last set of buttons (scope) may have only a single button active at once.

You can restrict

  • the type of Types searched to any combination of Classes, Interfaces, Structures, Enumerations and Delegates
  • the type of Members searched to any combination of Methods, Properties, Events, Fields and Locals and Parameters
  • the Access level of results to any combination of private, protected, internal (friend), protected internal or public

… and of course you can restrict the Scope of the search itself to any of current File, Namespace, Project, Solution or All files

Stay tuned for more Quick Navigation related tips

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