Announcing - CodeRush Feature Workshop

In a little less than 23 hours from now, Mark Miller and myself are going to give the first of our ‘CodeRush Feature Workshop’ webinars.

We’re aiming to hold these every Wednesday at 19:00 GMT (12:00 PST, 20:00 BST)

Our previous instructional webinars have ranged from 20-120 minutes range, but we’re aiming these webinars at closer to 60 minutes (pushing to 90 if we go long).

What’s a CodeRush Feature Workshop?

Well we’re going to take an idea submitted by the community, and attempt to implement it on the spot. That’s right. This is your chance to get in on the action, and see exactly how a CodeRush feature can be built from scratch. We’ll start with nothing and show you every stage of implementation. Then after the webinar, we’ll publish the results (either on one of our blogs or on the community plugin site) making them available to all.


So what we need next are your ideas!

  • Is there a Refactoring that you’d like us to implement? 
  • Is there a Template that you’d desperately like us to craft for you? 
  • Would you like us to warn you of some Code Smell using a new CodeIssue (and perhaps even correct it for you via a CodeProvider or Refactoring)? 
  • Can we create a new Clipboard Extension to perform some clever manipulation when you paste into the editor? 
  • What about crafting a new Selection Embedding or Inversion?
  • Perhaps you’d like a New Visualization or Metric implemented?

All these and more are welcome. So fire up those brain cells and suggest away!

Contact Us

So send us all all your feature requests via either email or twitter, and watch as we enhance your IDE live ?

  • Email: You can email them to me with a subject of “CodeRush Feature Workshop Idea”.
  • Twitter: Post a tweet on twitter with the hash-tag of #CRFW or simply include CodeRush and we’ll add it to the pot.

I appreciate that several of you may have already sent me ideas over the last few months. I will be trawling through my extensive inbox/archive, but honestly… if it’s not already been implemented, I suggest asking again.

So there you have it. Mark Miller and I will be dedicating another hour of our CodeRush and DXCore expertise, to the sweet pursuit of making your IDE experience even better.

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