New StringProviders in CodeRush 11.1

As some of you might recall, several new pieces of functionality have arisen out of our weekly webinars. We have regularly implemented functionality on the spot simply to demonstrate the ease of doing so.

This has happened so often that we decided to make a regular webinar dedicated to new features.

One such piece of functionality was originally described and built in our “Advanced CodeRush Plug-ins - Text Commands, String Providers and Context Providers” Webinar

Since then it has obviously been optimized and put through quality control etc., to emerge the other side as the «?MemberHeader» and «?MemberFooter» StringProviders.

These each take a single parameter (one of Fields, Methods, Properties, or Constructors) and use this (together with the current language) to look up a suitable string (customizable via the options) which is then returned in the usual way.

For example the default expansion for «?MemberHeader(Fields)» under C# is:

// Fields …

…and in VB.Net the same value would be …

‘ Fields …

These are currently used in updates to p?Type? template, but can be used in your own templates as easily as any StringProviders 

All these strings can be altered as usual via the appropriate options page (Editor\Code Style\ Member Sections) which as mentioned is language sensitive.


Note: sensible defaults also exist for VB.Net, C++ and JavaScript

Feel free to reference any of these from your own templates.

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