New CodeRush Plugin: CR_JumpToNamedMVCView

So a customer came to me with plugin request:

Customer: “I typically invoke my MVC razor views, by name, from within my controllers. Is there a plugin which can help me navigate to these views from the invocation?”

Me: “Not right now, No. Let me see what I can do”. *Challenge Accepted"*

And so I set off to create a new plugin to assist with this type of navigation.

A few hours later, the result is CR_JumpToNamedMVCView. A simple plugin which adds a single item (Named MVC View) to our Navigation SmartMenu (Ctrl+Alt+N)

Consider a very simple MVC CustomerController class.


The idea here is that you’re coding or reading through your controller and need to navigate to the view which you will be returning from a given action.

With this new plugin, you can now…

  • Place your caret on the name of the view… (in this case “List”)
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+N


  • Select Named MVC View


…and Voila! CodeRush delivers you to the view specified in the original call.

See this plugin’s Community Wiki page for even more detail, including how to assign this action to F12 for a more ‘Goto Definition’ approach

Hopefully this simple plugin will make your MVC coding, that little bit easier.

So now let’s see what develops.

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