New CodeRush Plugin – Convert String to AppSetting

A customer recently tweeted:

Any chance of a CodeRush plugin to convert a literal to a config (app.config) setting? pretty please

Well when the request is so polite, it’s hard to say no Smile

The Convert String to AppSetting plugin adds a new Refactoring to your standard arsenal.


  • Place your caret on the string in question.

  • Hit your CodeRush \ Refactor key ( Defaults to Ctrl+` )
  • Choose Convert String to AppSetting from the list of refactorings.


CodeRush will…

  • Create a new App.config file if one doesn’t already exist.
  • Add a new setting deriving it’s name from the text of your initial string.

  • Replace the original string with a call to ConfigurationManager.AppSettings

  • Link the key-text of your new setting with that of the call, so that you can easily rename them as one.

So where can I get this wonderful plugin?

This plugin is available in 2 locations

GitHub: From here you can get the current (and historical) source of the plugin as well as the latest installable version.

The Visual Studio Gallery: Installing from the Visual Studio Gallery provides the added bonus of VS being on the lookout for any updates that are shipped on your behalf.

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