New CodeRush Plugin – SplitTag

This is certainly one of the more simplistic plugin’s I’ve written, and yet it’s also one I use all the time.

Imagine that you have the following fragment of HTML and you’d like to split it in half.


  • Simply place your caret where you’d like to split the tag.
  • Hit your CodeRush \ Refactor key


  • Select ‘Split Tag’ from the menu
  • … and CodeRush will break your single tag into 2 of the same type.


This plugin can be particularly useful when creating <li> tags within various lists.



This plugin is available from either The Visual Studio Gallery or from GitHub

The source is available on Github

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1 comment(s)

Wow, pretty cool! :D

Is it smart enough to copy tags attributes as well (except for "id" and "name")? It would be neat for the "class" attribute to be passed along to the newly created tag. :)

14 October 2014

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