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CodeRush for Roslyn: Quick File Nav

Quick File Nav is the fastest way to locate any file in your solution. All you need to know is part of the name of the file you’re looking for.


The default shortcut for Quick File Nav is Ctrl+Alt+F. Once triggered, you’ll see the following screen:


[Tip: If you’d prefer to use another shortcut, you can customize this in the Options dialog (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+O) on the shortcuts page (IDE\Shortcuts) in the Navigation section.

If you begin to type the name of a file, then the list will be filtered to show only those items whose name contains the characters you type.

Let’s suppose you have been working in the OpenLiveWriter solution, and that this time you are looking for a File whose name contains the word ‘Helper’. See below how I have typed the word ‘Helper’ into the search box. CodeRush Immediately locates those files with the word ‘Helper’ in their names.


See once again, how all the pertinent details are provided. Each file’s Name is accompanied by it’s Project and File Type. If a file does not reside in the root of it’s project, then the Folder name also provided. Your search term (In this case ‘Helper’) is highlighted within each item, indicating which part of the item qualified it to be in the list.

You can use the Arrow keys to navigate through the items presented in the list. Once you’ve found the item you require, press Enter and the file will be opened for you in the editor.

Camel Case Searching

Imagine I need to find one or more files whose name Starts ‘CommandLine’. Well I could certainly type all 11 characters, but I could also use Camel Case Searching to help ease things. By typing just ‘CL’ in upper case, I can instruct CodeRush to search for files whose name contains a capital ‘C’ followed (at some point) by a capital ‘L


See how the first couple of entries shown, are ones which contain the capital letters ‘C’ and ‘L’ in that order, even though they may be separated by several other characters. Additionally CodeRush shows other files containing the sequence ‘cl’ just in case you were looking for any of those.


If you tap Ctrl, you’ll reveal options allowing you to chose between displaying (A)ll files, or just those which are (O)pen.


So use Ctrl+Alt+F to launch Quick File Nav and Jump to any file in your solution instantly.

.. and feel free to leave us your feedback to indicate how we might improve this and other features.

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Marc Greiner (DevExpress MVP)

How I love this short cut! I use it all the time!

You should copyright it!

Microsoft will then only be able to include it in Visual Studio 2116!

May 3, 2016 4:29 AM

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