DevConnections 2010–The Story Behind Reports

03 November 2010
Multi Client Reports

It’s been great spending some time with our users and potential clients! As I’ve been speaking with them, I found the common thing that attracts people to our reporting platform is simple: with the DevExpress Reporting Suite, you can invest in reports without having to necessarily worry about provider or client. Let me elaborate!

The graphic to the left depicts the “don’t worry about the client scenario.” The Demo.Reports project contains the data as well as the reports. In this scenario, the report classes have literally been written only once. Because you have invested in us when it comes to reports, we want to invest in you. Should the additional requirement arise stipulating using the same reports in Silverlight (or any other platform for that matter), you can say with confidence: “No Problem!”

The other projects depicted off to the left consume the reports from the Demo.Reports project in each of the client environments we support. These include Silverlight, ASP.NET, WPF, and WinForms. The sheer beauty of this setup is that you only need to write reports once.

The second compelling thing I’ve noticed people are talking about is the End User Report Designer. Allowing users to customize reports is probably one of the best features we provide. When saving report definitions, our tooling allows you to save the report definition and report styles to either a file or a memory stream.

What is your story with reporting?

As always, if you have any questions and/or comments, feel free to get a hold of me!

Seth Juarez
Twitter: @SethJuarez

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J Rydmark

I really would like to have a look at that demo code! Is it available somewhere?



4 November, 2010

I second that!

4 November, 2010
Sigurd Decroos

I have made a SQL Parser, this modle of our ERP app called Q2C, is able to parse any select statement you give to our database. The result can be shown in a grid, pivot and/or chart. The resultset can also be send to a report designer which saves the layout of the report in the database. Other users can then ask data based on parameters and send the result to the report. I have given a screenshot of this module to DevExpress and they would place it somewhere on the DX site :).

4 November, 2010
Tomas M.

I like your report suit. It is really easy to use. I would like to ask you to improve pdf export which is critical feature for me. When I export to pdf then the file size is too large. Specially images are always converted to jpg. Next serious problem for me is line thickness for tables which is not consistent in pdf file.

4 November, 2010
Seth Juarez (DevExpress)

I will definately get these up as soon as I get back. What a great idea! Also, if you are impatient, I am happy to mail them to you if you send me a little note.

4 November, 2010

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