Video: Dino Esposito on Best Architecture Practices

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09 November 2010

Dino was gracious enough to spend a bit of time with us discussing why it is so important to spend a bit of extra work up front when developing our applications. The best part of the interview was the realization that we could literally spend hours discussing these topics with him and would not even begin to scratch the surface when it comes his understanding of building maintainable systems. Here is what he had to say:


  • How to say Dino’s name right!
  • DevConnections Talks
  • Moving from RAD programming to classical object oriented design
  • Things to keep in mind when writing software in general
    • SOLID
  • Dependency Inversion
    • Program to an interface not to an implementation
    • Model-View-Presenter and MVVM
  • Why should we spend the extra time thinking about these principles?
    • Maintainability
  • Unity and ASP.NET MVC

He mentioned that he would be interested in demonstrating some of these principles for all of us in a series of videos. Let’s cross our fingers! Stay tuned.

As always, if there are any question and/or comments feel free to get a hold of me.

Seth Juarez
Twitter: @SethJuarez

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