11.1 Feature Days (from TechEd) – New DataMatrix Barcode Format

A new barcode has been added to our 11.1 version of our reporting suite! The DataMatrix barcode format is a 2D barcode that can encode anywhere from a few bytes up to almost 2K bytes. This format can encode pretty much any kind of number, string, or even raw data. Additionally built in error correcting codes allow for accurate recognition even in the face of partial damage. Take a look:

New ECC200 Barcode Preview

Just as you would expect, you can access the type of barcode to use by simply selecting the barcode control’s smart tag and selecting the appropriate format:


This should be a great new addition to the already feature packed reporting toolset we provide.

As always, if there are any comments and/or questions, feel free to get a hold of me!

Seth Juarez
Email: sethj@devexpress.com
Twitter: @SethJuarez

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Robert Fuchs

Thank you for finally implementing this barcode.

You should refer to it as "GS1 Datamatrix" though, so people know what you mean.

16 May, 2011
Grant Levy (Rooms Alive)

Forgive me if this sounds like a dumb question, but when will you be adding support for QR codes?  Or is that already in there and I just didn't realize it?

16 May, 2011
Elder Soto

That is excellent news!!!

16 May, 2011
Sigurd Decroos

When will barcodes be supported in XtraRichEdit? This would be awesome. At the same time, perhaps you can make a barcode server for generating the images and a barcode component for WinForms, WPF en SL :D.

16 May, 2011
George (DevExpress)

2Robert: this is not a Data Matrix GS1 barcode, but a Data Matrix that supports the ECC200 encoding (in accordance with the ISO/IEC 16022 standard). You can learn about the difference between these two barcode symbologies at www.tec-it.com/.../Default.aspx. We apologize for misleading you and will make this blog post clear on this point.

17 May, 2011
Robert Fuchs


I think you did not understand what I mean.

What we need in the real world is this:


GS1 Data Matrix (ECC 200)


Because of its technical advantages the GS1 organization considered the DataMatrix 2D barcode symbology for its system.

The so called GS1 or EAN Data Matrix is a standard DataMatrix symbol (ECC 200) with an internal GS1 identifier in the data structure (like the FNC1-Prefix in an GS1-128). The use of Application Identifiers is supported, this is comparable to the linear barcode GS1-128/EAN-128 or GS1 DataBar Expanded, where a code word similar to FNC1 acts as a field separator.


You are supporting EAN128 (btw, please change this name to GS1-128), so why not GS1 Data Matrix?

18 May, 2011
George (DevExpress)


In this release, we supported only the Data Matrix standard per se. We plan to support GS1 in the next major version.

20 May, 2011
Robert Fuchs

@George: Very bad idea, it's rather uselss without GS1 support :(

14 June, 2011
George (DevExpress)

To everyone interested in GS1 support: please track the corresponding suggestion at devexpress.com/issue=S38134.

22 September, 2011

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