WPF and Silverlight Reporting - Support for Document Watermarks

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15 September 2011
This blog post announces a useful enhancement applied to our DocumentPreview control in the next version of the XtraReports Suite (v2011 vol 2) - the capability to add text and image watermarks to your report documents created in WPF and Silverlight applications.

Much in the same way it was possible with our Print Preview for Windows Forms, you can add watermarks by pressing the corresponding button in a Document Preview toolbar.

The Watermark button in the Document Preview for WPF and Silverlight

In the invoked dialog, choose to add a text or image watermark (or both) by switching to the corresponding tab.

Adding text watermark in WPF and Silverlight

After adjusting the required options, the watermark is applied to specified document pages.

Adding image watermark in WPF and Silverlight

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