Report Improvements (coming in 13.1)

We have decided to make usability a point of emphasis when it comes to our great set of tools designed to deal with complex data. As such we have introduced a number of enhancements which should improve the way you interact with our reporting suite.


When dealing with WinForms reporting there were a number of components one could choose from in order to either view or design reports.

Old Reporting Toolbox

We realized that the use case was pretty simple: you want to either add the ability to view a report or edit one. As such we have greatly simplified the way in which this is done by consolidating some of the tools available in the toolbox.

New Reporting Toolbox

When dropping a Document Viewer you can then choose to create a standard or ribbon toolbar as well as choose the initial report you would like to load:

New Report Viewer Component

Dropping the End User Designer item from the toolbox creates everything you need to get started with editing and designing reports.

Building Reports

By the time you are ready to build reports we understand you want to get them out the door as quickly and as easily as possible. Here are a couple of features that will help:

Cntrl + Select fields then drag to table

Dragging Fields

Cntrl + Select fields then drag (right mouse button) to drag labels to a table

Dragging Headers

Convert Table to Labels

Converting to Labels

We pledge to continue this trend of enabling you to procrastinate (effectively) the task of writing reports.

As always, if there are any comments and/or questions, feel free to get a hold of me!

Seth Juarez
Twitter: @SethJuarez

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Bradley Uffner

I absolutely LOVE all the additions and improvements you are making to the WinForms library!  It seemed like WinForms was being neglected for a while there, but your support for it has recently come back with a vengeance.  I can't wait to see what else is coming!

16 May, 2013

The CTRL+ feature looks great.

As a Crystal Reports user, I really miss the ability in XtraReports to split a band into multiple sections, and then Suppress, Merge, Suppress Blank Sections, etc.


16 May, 2013
Peter Thorpe

Love the new features.

What I think would be a huge usability improvement though would be to provide an equivalent xrGrid (based on xtragrid) to the xrPivotGrid (based on xtrapivotgrid) where data binding is done on the specific control rather than the report.

Working with xrTable while really flexible for some things can be a real pain at design time when you just want to achieve a relatively simple gridview like layout. You have to keep rearranging and resizing columns and the lables to match above. Then adding a column later and having to resize every column again to fit everything checking your output because there isn't a best fit feature....

If we had an xrGrid control based on xtragrid rearranging, grouping and best fitting data suddenly becomes much simpler.

16 May, 2013
Simon Smith

Glad to see there are improvements for Winforms, especially the reporting. Does this mean breaking changes for those of us with a custom EUD?

17 May, 2013

Will be finally possible to define SQL query as data source?

17 May, 2013
Adam Daoust

Excellent work.

Any news on adding expressions for summaries in the designer without the need for code?

17 May, 2013
Mark Bissett 2

These improvements look great - a real time saver.

+1 for the SQL Query though...

19 May, 2013
Abdul Shareef1

Can you guys please add ability to do the weighted average and using aggregate expressions instead of making cosmetic changes. The reporting suite is as strong as the features it provides for real reporting not cosmetic changes that will help users to create only simple reports.

20 May, 2013
Mohsen Abo-Ghaly


Great Job - are you planning to support RTL languages in the reports?

it is very important to us.



21 May, 2013

+1 for the SQL Query

I need to have the end user designer operate with an end user front end for me i.e. I want to create the report from the EUD, not create a .cs class for the report to build it, therefore being able to specify the SQL statement and dataset is very important from a blank report starting point i.e. I do not want to run "new with wizard".

28 May, 2013

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