WinForms Map: New Legend Types, Bubble and Pie Charts (coming soon in 14.1)

In data visualization, two powerful controls solve a lot of popular tasks – Charts and Maps. Charts are great for visualizing numeric data in an easy-to-understand form, while Maps spread this data over geographical locations.

Imagine the types of things you can do with both! We are proud to announce that in our upcoming release we are adding the bubbles and pies into our map control.

The WinForms Map control can automatically aggregate the underlying data and show chart items at locations which correspond to aggregated values. For this, the VectorItemsLayer.Data property has been introduced. This property value can be set to an instance of the PieChartDataAdapter to display pie charts:

Pie Chart in Map

Or to the BubbleChartDataAdapter to display bubble charts:

Bubbles in Map

Note that these data adapters can load chart data from any data source and automatically generate chart items at the required locations.

We also are introducing a new legend – Size Legend – to elucidate the corresponding meaning of the bubbles and pies:

Size Legend

This also means that now you can simultaneously display two or more legends on a map:

Multiple Legends

We have also included automatic generation of shape titles.

Automatic Shape Titles

Note that these items can be displayed only for specified zoom levels and hidden for other zoom levels – this allows you to control when to display titles for larger elements and when to hide them for smaller ones.

As I have stated earlier, I am pretty excited about the breadth and depth of features related to data analysis we are introducing in our upcoming 14.1 release.

As always, if there are any comments and/or questions, feel free to get a hold of me!

Seth Juarez
Twitter: @SethJuarez

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