Embedded HTML5 Designer/Viewer and Improved Report Server API (Coming soon in v14.2)

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20 November 2014

This edition of the DevExpress Data Blog will feature some of the new things happening with our DevExpress Report Server in our upcoming 14.2 release.

New HTML5/JS Report Viewer

We’ve been hard at work making the Silveright Report Viewer an optional feature of the DevExpress Report Server. Coming in 14.2 there is now a configurable option to use either the old Silverlight Report Viewer or the brand-new HTML5/JS Report Viewer:

HTML5 Report Viewer Option

Here it is in all of its glory:

HTML5 Report Viewer

Now reports can be viewed on any computer (or even device) as long as it boasts a modern browser. Now I know the next question: will the new viewer be available as a standard web control? Well, kind of – more on this next week. This brings us to the next feature!

Embedded HTML5/JS End User Designer

We’ve gone ahead and incorporated our new Web End User Report Designer directly into our Report Server (more on our 14.2 edition of our HTML5/JS Designer later).

HTML5 Report Editor

This is seriously a fantastic development! Now editing reports is not confined to people using Windows, but everyone! A caveat: if you have installed the new 14.2 beta, you may have noticed that the new Designer has been enabled for editing reports – not creating new ones. Why the limitation you ask? Currently you can add a large collection of tables, views and stored procedures when creating Data Models. Generally a Data Source (note the distinction here) is a subset of the items reflected in the Data Model. We are still working on a way to create Data Sources from Data Models. Once this process is ironed out we will be able to create new reports using the Web End User Designer.

Improved Report Server API

Connecting to the DevExpress Report Server is really simple:

using DevExpress.ReportServer.ServiceModel.Client;
using DevExpress.ReportServer.ServiceModel.ConnectionProviders;
using DevExpress.ReportServer.ServiceModel.DataContracts;
// ... 

// Create a connection provider.  
ConnectionProvider connection = new GuestConnectionProvider("");
// Initialize a report server client.  
IReportServerClient client = connection.ConnectAsync().Result;
// Place your code here to interact with the a report service using the created client.

Notice that the new API is Task-based, so you can easily write asynchronous code and even use async/await. Here's a taste of how to export a report from a .NET Console Application:

static void Main(string[] args) {
    const string serverAddress = "https://reportserver.devexpress.com/";
    const string targetFileName = @"c:\temp\CustomerOrderHistory.pdf";
    const int reportId = 1113;
    ReportParameter parameter = new ReportParameter() { Name = "@CustomerID", Path = "@CustomerID", Value = "ALFKI" };

    ExportToPdf(serverAddress, targetFileName, reportId, parameter);

static void ExportToPdf(string serverAddress, string fileName, int reportId, params ReportParameter[] parameters) {
    ServiceOperationBase.DelayerFactory = new ThreadingTimerDelayerFactory();

    IReportServerClient client =
        new GuestConnectionProvider(serverAddress).ConnectAsync().Result;
    //new ServerUserConnectionProvider(serverAddress, "demo", "demo").ConnectAsync().Result;
    //new WindowsUserConnectionProvider(serverAddress).ConnectAsync().Result;

    Task exportTask = Task.Factory.ExportReportAsync(client, new ReportIdentity(reportId), new PdfExportOptions(), parameters, null);
    File.WriteAllBytes(fileName, exportTask.Result);

Although the type of interaction has been available in our 14.1 release (see T155725 and E5062), we've added a whole slew of Task-based methods for many of the common Report Server scenarios.

As always, if there are any comments and/or questions, feel free to get a hold of me!

Seth Juarez
Email: sethj@devexpress.com
Twitter: @SethJuarez

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Geoffrey Jones
Geoffrey Jones

We are very excited about the additional functionality to be exposed through the Report Server API.

Seth, what are your plans for the Report Server Winforms End User Designer going forwards?

26 November 2014
Seth Juarez (DevExpress)
Seth Juarez (DevExpress)

That's an excellent question! I would hope that eventually we would have feature parity with both the Web EUD and the WF EUD (although I'm not sure it is entirely possible). If (and maybe when) we do have feature parity, there should be no need for the WF EUD (although I suspect we would leave it in for those who still wish to use it).

Hope this helps!


2 December 2014
Sascha Würzburg
Sascha Würzburg

How about? ...will the new viewer be available as a standard web control? Well, kind of – more on this next week.

10 December 2014
A. Klamann
A. Klamann

We still can't find this actually in your toolset.

Any plans for 15.1 to release at least the Viewer.

We are working on an LOB using HTML5 / Javascript only leveraging the DevExtreme widgets. To show and print the existing DevExpress reports we need such a component.

Thx in advance for a reply

3 June 2015
A. Klamann
A. Klamann

Fortunately yesturday came the announcement of 15.1 release and the Viewer is now available. Good news, since this is the most important feature for us.

Then only the question, when the Designer is planned to release.


5 June 2015
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