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26 April 2019

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of TestCafe Studio – our next-gen automated web testing framework. To learn more about TestCafe Studio and experience its capabilities first hand, feel free to download a no-cost 30-day evaluation version today.

Online Webinar: Introducing TestCafe Studio

Join Paul Usher and Julian Bucknall on April 30th to learn more about TestCafe Studio and how you can leverage its capabilities to deliver more robust web solutions to your end users.

Webinar: Introducing TestCafe Studio

TestCafe Studio vs TestCafe v15.1

TestCafe Studio ships with unique features unavailable in its predecessor (TestCafe v15.1), including:

  • A more powerful test execution platform – TestCafe Studio is now based on hybrid client-server architecture instead of in-browser execution.
  • A redesigned Visual Test Recorder – TestCafe Studio can now visually record a test from scratch or edit existing test scripts.
  • A feature-complete code editor.
  • A new test debugger designed to run tests step-by-step and access page element data while doing so.

For additional information on the differences between TestCafe v15.x and TestCafe Studio, please refer to the following blog post:

TestCafe Studio: A New Web Testing IDE

Upgrade from TestCafe Open Source Edition

Needless to say, we remain fully committed to TestCafe as an open source web testing platform and are looking forward to extending TestCafe’s end-to-end web testing capabilities now and into the future. As you might expect, users have repeatedly asked us to create a Visual Test Editor/Test Recorder. With the release of TestCafe Studio, we’ve made certain to address this requirement and to deliver a straightforward way to visual record and edit test scripts.

Whether you’re looking to simplify the way you record your tests, or want to delegate testing to a QA team that does not want to write JavaScript, try the Studio edition and tell us what you think. For information on how TestCafe Studio can become part of your existing continuous integration workflow, read the following article:

What's Better than TestCafe? TestCafe Studio

Contact Us if You Have Any Questions

Should you have any questions about TestCafe, its capabilities or licensing terms, post a comment below or create a new ticket in our Support Center and we'll be happy to help.

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