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October 2008 - Posts

  • Silverlight Menu Control

    Earlier this week, I blogged about some of our upcoming Silverlight Controls. The response from the community and from those of you who attended the PDC was amazing. Thank you for all the nice comments.

    So what will be released first? It's the AgMenu™ Suite.

    When? We are finalizing the release related things for the AgMenu™ Suite, so it is going to be available very shortly. Stay tuned.

    How Much? Free. :)







  • PDC 2008: Watch the CodeRush Xpress Presentation

    If you have missed the presentation from last night don't worry, we have published it to the DevExpress Channel

    A lot of you have asked me for the download link last night, so here it is



  • PDC 2008 Show Off Contest

    Congratulations Mark!

    We have submitted two entries for the Show Off Contest this year [].

    The first one was the a demonstration of our AgLayoutControl™ customization features and second one was Mark's Clipboard History Plug-in. Sadly, the AgLayoutControl video did not make the selection, but the clipboard history plug-in video, not only made it, it placed! :)

    Congratulations to all the winners! :)

    #1: Brain the Build  Bunny

    #2: Multi-channel Virtual Earth

    #3: Our very own. Clipboard History for Visual Studio



  • Silverlight Controls Preview

    Well, PDC is finally here...and if you are attending, I recommend that you don't leave our booth for a second. Anything can happen :). But that's not what this post is about. This post is about some of the upcoming controls for Silverlight 2.0. We have decided from the beginning not to do any trinkets for Silverlight. By that I mean, we did not want to create controls that are already available (or will be available) in the framework, and we did not want to create controls that could be done using a couple of Templates and a few StoryBoards. (Some subtle humor here :)).

    First, there is of course the Free AgDataGrid™. Already released, grab it here


    With all the grouping and sorting functionality that you would except from any grid that we make.




    Then, there is a soon to be released AgMenu™ Suite.


    With full support for custom templates, and lots of cool drop down animations,


    Tool bar emulation,

    Popup Menu,





    The currently in the works AgNavBar™ Control, with support for custom content, different view styles like Outlook 2007, Basic Side Bar, Explorer,

    generic navigation panels, like your top filter or search bars etc...





    Of course there is the AgLayoutControl™ Library. With support for numerous features like full drag and drop customization, smart alignment etc...

    Once released, AgLayoutControl will simply be a must for any Silverlight apps. that you do.


    [Watch it in action here, or play with it here]




    And, (start the drum rolls) our new baby, a full rich text editor, the AgRichTextEdit™ Control.

    With numerous features that you would expect from a rich text editor, like selection alignment, indentations, numbered lists, undo stack,  support for graphics etc...

    Different view styles like Draft, Print and Reading and some Silverlight specific features like smart page scrolling. (Read fast!.)




    So if you have made it to LA for the PDC, come by the booth to check these controls out.




  • AgDataGrid : Support for Silverlight 2 RTW

    RTW is out and so is the AgDataGrid for it.

    Download the latest bits from your Client Center area:



  • AgDataGrid : Support for Silverlight 2 RC0

    ScottGu announced the RC0 build of Silverlight 2 last week and today we have published a refresh to AgDataGrid to support it.

    Along side the changes that were needed to support RC builds, and bug fixes, this refresh contains something a lot of you have been asking for. The ObservableCollection support. The grid will now participate in the INotifyCollectionChanged chain. So if you bind to an ObservableCollection<T> or implement INotifyCollectionChanged, the grid will get refreshed when the notifications happen.

    If you prefer to control the refreshes manually, a couple of new methods have been surfaced to help with that:

    • BeginRefresh
    • EndRefresh
    • CancelRefresh
    • Refresh

    To download the latest bits please login to your Client Center area and if you have not downloaded the grid before you can get it from





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