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AgDataGrid : Support for Silverlight 2 RC0

ScottGu announced the RC0 build of Silverlight 2 last week and today we have published a refresh to AgDataGrid to support it.

Along side the changes that were needed to support RC builds, and bug fixes, this refresh contains something a lot of you have been asking for. The ObservableCollection support. The grid will now participate in the INotifyCollectionChanged chain. So if you bind to an ObservableCollection<T> or implement INotifyCollectionChanged, the grid will get refreshed when the notifications happen.

If you prefer to control the refreshes manually, a couple of new methods have been surfaced to help with that:

  • BeginRefresh
  • EndRefresh
  • CancelRefresh
  • Refresh

To download the latest bits please login to your Client Center area and if you have not downloaded the grid before you can get it from




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Robert Steffes


The AgDataGrid is a fantastic product, thanks for updating for the RC0 SL release so quickly.  I was wondering where to find general documentation on the new update?  

There is a "MouseOverColumnHeaderStyle" property that I am having trouble finding the appropriate values for.  Also, I am having trouble creating a custom data template column, I think it used to be "AgDataGridColumn.CellDataTemplate" but that doesn't seem to work anymore.  Any advice?

October 2, 2008 7:24 PM

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In this issue: Andrea Boschin, Jeff Handley, Mike Snow, Laurence Moroney, Terence Tsang, and Jesse Liberty

October 10, 2008 12:42 AM

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