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Modern UI with DevExpress WPF Controls

The aim of art is to represent not only the outward appearance of things, but also their inward significance”, said Aristotle. A beautiful sentiment that is very appropriate to the art of software design. As software developers, we build functionality into our apps and expose content to our users, and as designers we constantly try to arrange our UI in such a way that every UI element not only serves its functional purpose but also looks beautiful and is very pleasant to work with. When this balance of design and functionality is achieved, the end result is an amazing user experience. An example of this, is the EXPENSES app that our team has built.

DevExpress WPF Chart

A simple app, really, that is designed to track expenses and submit them to a manager for approval. Originally developed as a WPF sample by our friends at Microsoft, this app underwent a complete facelift and the entire UI was redone using the DevExpress WPF Controls.

At its core, is the NavigationFrame which serves as a container for all the Views and provides the out of the box facilities for navigating between them.

DevExpress WPF Data Grid

And not only navigation, the DevExpress WindowsUI framework is a complete system for building Modern Touch First applications with support for

Fly-out dialogs:

DevExpress WPF Flyout Dialog

Windows Tiles Containers,

DevExpress WPF Tile Control

Tiles Navigation and much more.

DevExpress WPF Tile Navigation Menu

Today, we are releasing this sample to you, our loyal customer. So make sure to grab the latest v14.2 build and this sample app, and let us know what you create.



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